5 Charming Father's Day Cards for 2022

on May 24, 2022

Happy Father’s Day! As we approach one of the most important days of the year, it’s time to plan everything you want to do for your dad.

While they may not say so very often, your dad loves Father’s Day, and looks forward to spending it surrounded by a loving family.

Well, this year we have everything you need to fill your Father’s Day with joy and make the day all the more special. 

In our previous article, we told you about our top Father’s Day gifts. Today, we have created a list of some of our most charming Fathers Day card ideas for you to surprise your dad this year.

While these are some of our favourite cards, if you’d like more options, you can find plenty of choices in our huge collection of Father’s Day Cards and pick the one that is perfect for your dad.

Daddy Dinosaur Father's Day Card

A children's Fathers day cardA children's Fathers day card

We start our collection with one of the sweetest Fathers Day card ideas on the internet, the Daddysaurus Card.

The card will win dad's heart as his little ones surprise him with this lovely Happy Father’s Day greeting.

With the words, “Happy Father’s Day Daddysaurus, you’re the greatest’’ printed on its cover page and a cute cartoon of a dad dressed up as a dinosaur chasing his kids, this is the perfect Father’s Day card for young children. 

Dad Norbert Bank Of Dad Father's Day Card

funny fathers day cardsfunny fathers day cards

If you and your siblings are often guilty of emptying the fridge and simultaneously your dad’s wallet, you know this card is for you.

This hilarious fathers day card addresses your dad as the Bank of DAD and cheekily wishes him a Happy Father’s Day. 

Moreover, what makes this card funnier is a brilliant cartoon of a confused dad standing in front of an empty fridge and an even emptier wallet in his hand.

Dad Facetime Humour Father's Day Card

humorous fathers day cards for dadhumorous fathers day cards for dad

Well, for the genius father who can figure out literally everything else in the world except for his phone, we have one of our most humorous Fathers Day card ideas.

A classic pun, the card comprises a picture of a dad staring at a clock trying to understand the concept of face-timing.

With an inside message wishing him a Happy Father’s Day, this card will make your old man laugh out loud and possibly facetime you more often.

Mum On Fathers Day Card

fathers day card for single mumsfathers day card for single mums

Here’s a wonderful idea for a Father’s Day card for the mums who have played the roles of both parents in their children’s life.

Celebrating all the super mothers out there who have raised their children better than anyone else could, we bring you the “Mum on Fathers Day” card.

With the sweetest words saying, “Mum on Father's Day.” “If you do both jobs you should get both cards” This card will bring you even closer to your wonderful mum. 

Dad From Both Of Us DNA Father's Day Card

happy fathers day cardshappy fathers day cards

If you and your sibling are planning to go halfsies on a Father’s Day card, we have the perfect card for you. 

Having one kid is pretty hard, but raising two can be really challenging! That’s exactly what this card addresses, in a rather funny way.

With a picture of a distressed man on the front, and the words, “Happy Father's Day from Both of us.” “The DNA results were back and they were his kids.” We're certain that your father will burst out laughing with this hilarious card.

Choose Clintons for the Best Father’s Day Cards and Gifts

Now that you have seen some of our favourite Father’s Day card ideas, it’s time you pick one for your father and make his day special.

However, if you think you need to take a look at a few more sweet, hilarious, unique and delightful fathers day cards before you select one, we have a solution for you.

With our wide collections filled with all kinds of Father’s Days cards for your Dad, Grandad, and Step-Dad, we're certain that you'll find what you’re looking for. 

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