4 Aesthetic Gift Ideas to Make Her Christmas Merrier

on December 07, 2021

Christmas is all about gratitude. It’s the season where you rejuvenate and celebrate the joyous occasion with your loved ones. 

Clintons is here for you; with all our great Christmas gifts, we’re here to add a little spice to your celebrations. This festive season, why not try to get unique gifts for all your close ones to make their Christmas one to remember. 

Speaking of your loved ones, you should make sure that your special girl feels more special on these auspicious occasions, and for that reason, here’s a complete gift guide for her

Let’s look at these gifts one by one. 

1. A Henstone Christmas 

With our recent inclusion of the spirits and liquors section, you should consider making her Christmas with a little guilty pleasure. We have a wide range of Henstone liquors for you to choose from. Give her a bottle of whiskey or vodka, anything that suits her choice and occasion. 

Let her know that she has earned time to destress, spend time with herself and go wild once in a while! 

2. Coffee Subscription

If your girl likes to have coffee first thing in the morning, you should consider getting her a premium coffee subscription. Aesthetic Christmas gifts like this one will be welcomed as thoughtful ones, something that’ll make her realise that you notice the little things about her, like the type of coffee she favours in the morning. 

A coffee subscription is also a gift with a purpose, something that will remind her of you every morning and be sure to bring an instant smile to her face. 

If you wish to add more value to this gift, pair it with our Christmas cards with a personalised note that says something along the lines of “ You’re the Merry in my Christmas” to make her day!

3. Advent Calendars 

Advent Calendars are a great way to remind your loved ones that the festivities aren’t far away. Before they start smelling cinnamon in the air, give the special ladies in your life the taste of advent calendar treats. 

These calendars also have biblical importance, so if you’re giving any special lady this gift, be it your romantic interest, mother, grandmother or sister, you’re reminding them of a tradition that dates back centuries. 

The longing and waiting is the true essence of Christmas, when paired with our advent calendars with sneaky treats, it makes their waiting period worthwhile. 

4. Christmas Candles 

Scented candles, as an aesthetic Christmas gift, can never go wrong. It is a complete mood-setter; be it tea lights for Christmas decor or scented ones to be used later when your special girl is relaxing, candles can add the finishing touch to any atmosphere.

Choose from our wide range of Christmas candles to give your girl the festive joy she deserves. 

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That said, a thoughtful gift shines when you put in the effort to wrap them; just like first impressions, you want your gifts to look presentable too. 

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