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5 Best Graduation Gifts To Celebrate Your Child’s New Milestone

on August 03, 2021

Best graduation gifts; mum and daughter posing for a picture after the graduation ceremony

After so many years (a lifetime, basically) of hard work, the day has finally come for your child to receive their graduation degree, albeit remotely.

Sure, this moment is going to be filled with all sorts of emotions, but it certainly calls for an epic graduation party to celebrate their achievements. After all, it’s important to take a moment and show your child how proud you are of them before they move onto the next chapter of life!

An excellent way to do that would be to shower them with some of the best graduation gifts.

At Clintons, we understand the importance of this new milestone and therefore, have put together a list of some of our unique graduation gift ideas for your child.

From thoughtful gifts they’ll hold onto for decades to other personalised options that’ll tug at their heartstrings, we’ve the perfect gifts for this occasion. Not only do they capture this hard-earned and all-important accomplishment of your child but also serve as a reminder for them to keep going no matter what!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of unique college graduation gifts.

1. A Personalised Photo Frame

Clintons' graduation photo frame

There’s no such thing as too many photographs of your kids!

This means a photo frame is not only an incredible way to preserve those special moments with your child but also one of the best graduation gifts. 

While you could take the DIY route to design a personalised frame, why not congratulate your child on their achievement with this commemorative graduation photo frame?

If you want, you could also give a box of sweet treats along with the frame.

2. A Congrats on Passing Exams Son/Daughter Card

Best graduation gifts; Clintons' congrats passing exams son card

If this isn’t the perfect dose of mum and dad love, then what is?

A congrats on passing exams son or daughter card by Clintons is the best way to show your loved one how proud you are of them. It’s also an excellent way to pen down warm words and sentiments for the occasion.

The best part about this card - it’s one of the best graduation gifts for students of all ages.

Click here to browse through our incredible collection of graduation cards.

3. A ‘Me to You’ Stemless Glass & Truffles Gift Set

Clintons' me to you stemless glass and truffles gift set

Completing your graduation and earning a college degree is nothing short of a major life accomplishment. This means that such occasions call for a celebration with friends and family.

Why not celebrate this new milestone of your child by giving them a stemless wine glass with the words “Born to Sparkle and Shine’?

Paired with a box of delicious Belgian chocolate truffles, this ‘me to you’ gift set is the perfect way for your child to enjoy an evening where they can unwind and relax!

Here are a few more glass options you can choose from.

4. A Wendy Jones-Blackett Graduation Mug

Best graduation gifts; Clintons' wendy jones-blackett graduation mug

This graduation mug is one of the most unique college graduation gifts.

While it can be easily paired with a coffee maker or other kitchenware, it’s also just as great on its own. It’s in fact a cup that signifies the hard word your child has put in for the last few years and the best way to say “Yay! Well done you!”

For more such amazing options, browse through our selection of mugs and drinkware.

5. A Hydration Water Bottle

Best graduation gifts; Clintons Livin' my best life water bottle

If you’re looking for a graduation gift that’s practical and affordable, then our livin’ my best life hydration water bottle is just what you need.

Not only can it be used every day but is also perfect for both cold and hot drinks. While it keeps liquids cold for nearly 24 hours and hot for around 8 hours, you can either fill it with hot coffee for that morning commute or pour refreshing iced tea for those sunny days.

Either way, it serves as one of the best graduation gifts that’s safe as well as useful.

Click here to go through our set of personalised bottles and flasks.

Order the Best Graduation Gift from Clintons Today

While these were our top 5 graduation gift ideas for your child, there are more such options available on our website.

Browse through our collection of gifts and place your order today!