Don't Leave Out Grandad - The 4 Best Grandad Father's Day Gifts and Cards in 2022

on June 14, 2022

It’s often dad most of us think of for Father’s Day - the coolest and most hard-working men in our lives. Every year, we’re excited to celebrate them with all our love, gifts and cards.

However, when it comes to Father’s Day, there’s no way we can forget grandad. This article is dedicated to them. 

Whether he’s known for being the prankster, the pretend grump or the source of chocolates and love, this Father’s Day is our chance to say “thank you” for always being there for you. 

We told you all about the best Father’s Day gifts, celebration ideas and cards for fathers in our previous articles

However, today we’ve written this blog filled with our best Grandad Father's Day gifts and cards to put a smile on Grandpa’s face. 

While these are our top suggestions, if you’d like to look at more options, you can always choose from our wide range of Grandad cards and gifts.

1. Shelf Sentiment Plaque - Grandad

Here's something that we all know to be true. “If Grandad can’t fix it, no one can,” and while he may be modest, he knows it too. 

Therefore, we bring you the perfect shelf sentiment plaque that’ll make him feel special and put a smile on his face every time he looks at it.

Surprising your grandad with an amazing Father’s day gift is guaranteed to put a smile on his face and will certainly go a long way towards him wanting to fix a thing or two for you.  

2. Grandad From Grandkids Father's Day Card

Next up, we have the cutest Grandad Father’s Day card for young (or big!) children to give to their strong, loving and caring Grandpa.

With the words, “Happy Father's Day Grandad big love and cuddles from your Grandkids,” along with the cutest dinosaurs on the cover page, this is one of our favourite Father's Day cards this year.

Surprise your grandfather with this charming Father’s Day card and some amazing Grandad Father’s Day gifts to make sure he has a wonderful day. 

3. Men's Personalised Bamboo Socks - Grandad

A classic gift, whether it's for dad or grandad, this Father's Day get grandad the best Father's Day gift, with our high-quality bamboo socks by Top Bloke, specially designed for awesome grandads (which actually means all Grandads).

With the words, “Awesome Grandads Put Their Feet UP” printed on the socks, this superior quality product is perfect for your grandpa.

Not only will these come in handy keeping his feet warm but they will also remind him of you every time he wears them. Get these awesome socks for your awesome grandad now and watch his face light up with love on this Father’s Day. Made of bamboo, we're also pleased to say these are environmentally friendly too!

4. Father's Day Girl With Sunflower Head Dress Card

The perfect card from the perfect granddaughter, this super cute granddaughter with a sunflower head wishing her grandpa a very Happy Father’s Day is certainly going to touch your heart.

The cover message on this Grandad Father's Day card says, “From your Granddaughter on Father's Day I'm a very lucky Granddaughter…”. The message later continues on the inside saying, “…because I get to love you lots! Happy Father's Day.”

Specially made for the granddaughter who loves her grandpa more than anyone in the world, this is another one of the best Father’s Day cards for grandad.


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Now that you have seen some of our best Father’s Day cards and gifts for grandad, it’s time you take your pick from our huge collection of the best Father’s Day gifts and cards for Grandad.

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