Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year - Our Best Gift Ideas

on July 20, 2021

Whether you’re reaching your first anniversary (paper wedding anniversary) or your 25th (silver anniversary), it’s a joyous occasion that deserves to be celebrated with your better half.

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts; A newly wed couple

Depending on the number of years you’re celebrating, every wedding anniversary has a different gift and tradition associated with it.

At Clintons’, we’ve put together a list of our best gift ideas that are perfect for every wedding anniversary - from paper (1st) and silver (25th) to golden (50th) and diamond (60th) anniversary, we have a thoughtful gift to complement these adorable traditions for every year.

Let’s take a look!

1st Wedding (Paper Anniversary) Gifts

Whoever came up with the meaning of these anniversaries had perhaps figured it out that the newlyweds would be pretty broke after shelling out money on their wedding - the idea here of traditional first anniversary gifts being paper works out just fine!

Moreover, paper represents your marriage as a blank sheet which is eventually filled with various joyous memories down the line.

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts; Clintons Champagne 1st Anniversary Card

That said, when it comes to the best wedding anniversary gifts for your 1st year, you can never go wrong with our collection of first anniversary cards.

Another great gift idea you could consider is a wedding scrapbook with embellishments. You can use it to preserve your ‘happily-ever-after’ photographs, all in one place, and cherish it for years to come.

5th Wedding (Wooden Anniversary) Gifts

The concept of giving wooden gifts on your 5th wedding anniversary came from the fact that trees are known to be strong and durable. What’s more, since they also symbolise strength and wisdom, using them in your gifts represents that your marriage is solid and has deep roots that are forever entwined.

A wooden photo frame can be a great 5th anniversary gift. Not only can you engrave it with your initials to add a personal touch, but also use it as a means to give your wedding photos a new lease of life!

Clintons' 2 Tier Wood Effect Frame

If you feel a little sentimental about your anniversary, you could also give this willow tree figurine to your partner. While this is made using hand painted resin which is cast from Lordi’s hand carved clay sculpture, it does make for one of the best wedding anniversary gifts.

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10th Wedding (Tin Anniversary) Gifts

Since tin has been used to preserve things and it prolongs the life of what’s stored in it, it’s used to mark and symbolise the 10 years of your marriage!

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts; Clintons' Swizzels I Love You Tin

However, forget those tea or coffee tin items - instead go for this Swizzles I Love You chocolate tin and give it to your loved one with a bunch of roses. To make it more romantic, you could add something soothing and refreshing to the mix like our Yankee Candles to light up your dinner table.

If you want, you could also go for the perfect Yankee Tea Light Delight gift set, which includes 18 scented tea light candles and a candle holder.

Browser through our collection of Yankee Candle gift sets and place your order today!

25th Wedding (Silver Anniversary) Gifts

While this is considered as one of the wedding anniversary milestones, it’s an easy one in terms of gifts.

Silver is a commonly used material in various objects, including jewellery, tableware, belt buckles, ornaments and more; this means you can choose from an array of best wedding anniversary gifts for your partner.

Clintons 25th Anniversary Card

Our elegant silver mirror frame is an incredible gift for your 25th anniversary. You can use it for your wedding photos or for the ones you’ll be clicking on this joyous occasion. If not a photo frame, you can either go for a 25th anniversary set of two china mugs or a silver champagne rose candle.

No matter what gift you choose, make sure it’s something the both of you cherish for the next exciting years of your marriage!

50th Wedding (Golden Anniversary) Gifts

Nearly a lifetime of togetherness - not only is it truly beautiful but also very rare these days.

This anniversary milestone is worth celebrating with your friends and family, and when it comes to the best wedding anniversary gifts, only gold can truly do it justice!

Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts; Clintons' 50th Anniversary Set of Two China Mugs

You could go for our 50th anniversary set of two china mugs that come with a gold coloured handle. However, if you want to make it more romantic, you could plan to renew your vows and get a gold ring for your partner. If you’re looking for more easy options, then you can choose from our collection of golden (50th) anniversary cards.

Read this blog to find out how you can make your partners golden wedding anniversary special.

60th Wedding (Diamond Anniversary) Gifts

Diamonds are extremely hard wearing and flourish under pressure - same as your marriage is going to be after 6 decades of togetherness!

After 60 years of marriage, while you might not have the physical strength, you’re sure to have a wealth of joyous memories and experiences. That said, why not celebrate this milestone with diamond inspired wedding gifts?

Clintons' Champagne 60th Wedding Anniversary Card

Nonetheless, if diamonds are out of your budget, you could get a giant blue balloon or a Lindor heart shaped sweet box by Lindt.

To complete this gift, you can add a wedding anniversary card to the mix from our collection of diamond cards. Or better yet, give the love of your life a handwritten card on your anniversary.

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When it comes to your wedding anniversary, go the extra mile and give your partner a wedding gift that they’re sure to remember forever!

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