The Best Birthday Cards for Children Based on their Personality

on September 07, 2022

It’s always tricky to pick a gift for a child on their special day. They are known to be honest, and if they love your present they’re bound to show it. However, every kid is different, and you need to pick your birthday card and present based on that. 

Fortunately, Clintons offers a wide range of birthday cards, and you’re bound to find one perfect for the birthday boy or girl. But we understand if it’s overwhelming for you to pick from a wide variety of beautiful cards. 

Therefore, to help you out, we’ve made a list of the best birthday cards for children based on their personalities. You can pick the ones that suit your kid the best and get a wonderful gift that would match the theme.

Let’s get started!


1. For the One That Invested in Sports

Sporty Characters Birthday Card

Many kids love to play football, cricket, and several other sports and some of them are truly passionate about it. It’s time to show encouragement for their passion by getting them a sports-based birthday card on their special day. 

We recommend getting the sporty characters card if the lucky kid is young and enjoys different games. It features adorable animal characters playing sports and you can write a sweet message inside to show how much you love them!


2. For the One that Loves Superheroes

Superhero Pie Chart Blank Card

There’s nothing more that gets kids excited than seeing their favourite superheroes. Make sure to not miss that thrill on their birthday by gifting them a card which features exciting fictional characters.

Our personal favourite is the Marvel Avengers card which features iconic characters like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Panther, and more! If they’re not a huge fan of Marvel, you can gift them something like a DC calendar to make sure they're excited to see their favourite superheroes every day.

It’s a great gift to give during a cool party filled with surprises and superhero themes for the kids to have a blast!


3. For The One that Admires Princesses

Disney Princesses Scene General Birthday Card

If we’re looking at superheroes, we can’t ignore the impact princesses have on some children. Most girls are mesmerised by Disney princesses and inspire them to try something adventurous and exciting. 

If you’ve got a child that loves princesses, Clintons have a wide range of beautiful Disney princess cards to gift them on their birthday. You can choose between Princess Jasmine, Sofia the Princess, and more!

If you can’t pick a specific person, you can choose birthday cards with multiple Disney princesses to ensure the birthday girl isn’t disappointed. Don’t forget to get a special gift that would suit her the best!


4. For The One that Adores Animals

General All Over Animals With Lettering Birthday Card

If the birthday boy or girl loves a particular animal, they are bound to love it if you add it to your card. You can choose birthday cards that feature something as simple as dogs and cats or wild ones like elephants and tigers. 

The Clintons’ online store has several types of children’s birthday cards with animals like pandas, tigers, giraffes, and more! Go wild with your selection and pick something that the kid is bound to love on their special day. 


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