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5 Santa-approved Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2022

on November 23, 2022

The long-awaited festival of love, joy and tradition is right around the corner and this year, you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. No matter what you enjoy most about Christmas, it’s a celebration of life and should be filled with joy. Make it a Christmas to remember with our best ever Christmas gifts, cards and decorations.

At Clintons we bring everything you need to celebrate this Christmas season, right to your doorstep.

One of the most important aspects of the holiday season is the marvellous Christmas decorations that illuminate the house with joy.

Whilst we’ve already suggested our favourite Christmas cards and gifts in our past few blogs, this week, we’ll bring you something more. 

As the one-stop shop for all things Christmas, this article compiles all the best Christmas decoration ideas that you can use to fill your home with the Christmas spirit.


1. Gnome Soft Toy

outdoor Christmas decorations; a Gnome soft toy

The Gnome soft toy makes it to the top of our list because of how absolutely adorable it is. Filling your room with wonderful Christmas cheer, this sweet little Gnome soft toy is perfect for this year’s Christmas.

Stemming back to European folklore, gnomes are one of the most charming pieces of decoration that you can use to embellish your home and garden.

Now you can surprise your guests using one of our best Christmas decorations and witness their faces light up with joy and adoration.

As an added, extra cute bonus, why not check out our very own Pudding Bear.

2. Large Santa With LED Light Scene

Christmas lights; Santa decorations

Our absolute favourite Santa, light-based Christmas decoration, this large Santa with LED light scene is exactly what you need this Christmas.

Lighting up the room with warm Christmas lights emerging from the adorable Santa’s belly, this LED decoration can be used in all rooms of your home.

Order from our range of the best festive decorations now and enhance the beauty of your home with the charming spirit of the Christmas season.

3. Personalised Window Gel Sticker - Names

personalised Christmas decoration ideas

Given that our blog title is literally, 5 Santa-approved Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2022, we’ve brought you something that’s specially designed for Santa.

There’s nothing more exciting to children, or even adults for that matter, than personalised Christmas decorations just for them.

Surprise your little ones with Clintons’ personalised window gel stickers and watch the wide smile on their faces as they wait for Santa to stop by.

4. Christmas Stocking

Christmas stocking

Now, come on, Christmas is absolutely incomplete without the traditional Christmas stockings used as decorations around the house.

With an easy-to-hang loop, this soft Christmas stocking can be filled with your favourite sweets and Christmas treats for the children.

What are you waiting for? Order our Christmas stockings and embrace the festive spirit with our amazing Christmas decoration ideas now!

5. Christmas Eve Yankee Candle

table Christmas decorations; Yankee christmas candle

The perfect way to create an elegant ambience for the Christmas season, we bring you one of the best Christmas candles on our website!

With traditional holiday scents of sugared plums and candied fruits, the Christmas Eve Yankee candle is the best way to bring Christmas ambience into your home.

With a large selection of wonderful Christmas candles, you can also choose from many other aromas, all specially curated for the Christmas season.

Choose Clintons for All Your Christmas Decorations This Year!

Now that you have taken a look at some of our most popular Christmas decoration ideas, it’s time to order your favourites!

While these were some of our most loved decorations, if you wish to have more options to choose from, you can always visit our Christmas decorations page and find what you are looking for.

Whether you're looking for Christmas lights, showpieces or Christmas tree decorations, we have everything you need and more.

What’s more, along with a wide range of indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations, we also offer the best Christmas gifts and cards for all your loved ones.

To learn more about our Christmas collection, click here and order from our Christmas collections now!