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Our Top Gift Wrapping Ideas to Give Your Christmas Presents That Extra Sparkle

on November 09, 2021

With the festive season upon us, we’re sure that you’ll be busy picking out the perfect Christmas gifts for your loved ones - after all, who doesn’t love seeing their family tearing into their gifts and receiving exactly what they wished for!

However, the job isn't done when all the gifts have been purchased. In fact, the next step is just as important.

With your presents placed under the Christmas tree leading to December 25th, you need to ensure that they’re perfectly wrapped in our Christmas gift wrap to add to the anticipation and excitement of the holiday.

By wrapping your Christmas presents in our elegant gift wrap, not only do you add that extra sparkle to it but can also use them as a part of your Christmas decorations.

That said, if you’re ready to wrap your presents like a pro, read these Christmas gift wrapping ideas put together by our team and start your festive season off on the right foot. Most of these ideas are easy to recreate, meaning you don’t need to have some kind of gift wrapping magic!

In the end, we’ve also added some basic gift wrapping steps to ensure you’re fully covered!

Let’s take a look.

4 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas for Your Christmas Presents

1. Christmas Tree Gift Wrapping Paper

Nothing screams Christmas more than a gift that’s wrapped in paper with Christmas trees on it.

Available in two different colours (plain gold and plain silver), our Christmas tree gift wrapping paper is the perfect way to add that elegant touch to all your presents. We also have a golden roll wrap with traditional Christmas trees on it, in case you’re looking for something conventional.

However, if you fancy wrapping your presents using a simple roll wrap, we have options for that too. Once you’ve wrapped your gifts in these wrapping sheets, you could put them in our gift bag with a Kraft Gold Tree Christmas print (or any other festive print!)

For more such Christmas gift wrapping ideas, visit our website and explore our gift wrap collection.

2. Snowflake Shaped Metallic Bows

These aren’t your average bows created using gift ribbons. Our snowflake shaped metallic bows help you add a 3D element to your Christmas presents; these are the perfect finishing touch to add to your gifts.

Available in different colours like silver, light blue and blue glitter, our collection of bows and ribbons suit every taste.

3. Santa Gift Roll Wrap

During this festive season, why not wrap your presents in paper featuring the man himself. Our Santa gift wrapping paper guarantees your presents look irresistible under that tree.

To jazz it up a bit and add to the festive cheer, finish your gift using our Christmas gift tags. Available in our 3 for 2 offer, gift tags ensure that no one’s present’s get mixed up while helping you add a personalised little message for your loved ones.

Spread the joy at this magical time of year and show them how much you care with these Christmas gift wrapping ideas!

4. Icy Trees Christmas Gift Box

Sometimes it can get difficult to disguise your gift’s telltale shape. In that case, the best way to keep your Christmas presents a mystery is to place them in three-dimensional boxes like our icy tree gift box.

The best part about using gift boxes is that they double up as decorations. You can either keep it as is under the Christmas tree or put it in one of our gift bags.

Wrapping Christmas Presents Like a Pro - Here’s How!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas; Gift wrapping essentials along with a present placed on the table

While wrapping gifts isn't rocket science (and you may already know how to do it), there are some steps that you need to follow to ensure you’re doing it the right way.

What’s more, by learning how to wrap a present now, you won’t have any late evenings struggling to wrap gifts at Christmas time. That way, you can also make sure you have plenty of time to focus on other Christmas decorations.

Grab some wrapping paper, some ribbons and sticky tape, and get started with wrapping presents; Christmas will be here before you know it!

Step #1 - Cut the Gift Wrapping Sheet

Person cutting a gift wrapping paper.

The first step is to place your present facedown on the wrapping paper, while leaving the remaining paper attached to the roll. After that, cut the paper on one side using scissors and ensure you have enough to cover the entire gift.

Step #2 - Fold the Sheet and Join Ends

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas; person wrapping a Christmas gift

Now, while staying on the same side of your table as the roll, pull the gift wrap tautly up and take it to the far end of the present. Adhere the sheet using our easy tear tape and crease it along the gift’s edge using your forefinger and thumb.

Once that’s done, unroll the sheet and bring it to meet the wrapped end. Cut it from the roll while leaving around an inch of overhang; fold this inch, crease it and then adhere it with the tape.

Step #3 - Close the Open Ends and Fold It Down

person sticking the wrapping paper on the gift

In this step, you need to work on the open ends - start with pushing the sides of the paper inward and create four 45°angle flaps. Now, fold both the flaps (they must overlap each other) and stick it to the gift.

Repeat the same steps you followed for the other side and close the remaining open flaps. Once done, run your pinched thumb over the edges to create sharp lines.

Step #4 - Add a Ribbon and Make a Double Knot

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas; Christmas present with other wrapping essentials on a table

Once the gift is entirely covered in the gift wrap, lay it facedown on a ribbon. Now pull its ends and bring the right end to the left while pulling width-wise to ensure they cross.

Double knot the ribbon and tie it into a simple bow, and voila - you’re all done!

Order Elegant Gift Wraps from Clintons Today!

Now that you know the different Christmas gift wrapping ideas, why not purchase the necessary Christmas accessories from Clintons and get the wrapping part out of the way?

We’re sure these ideas will help you add to your existing Christmas decorations while spreading the festive joy!

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