6 Cute Ideas How to Use & Reuse Christmas Wrapping Paper

on December 10, 2020

One of the biggest joys of Christmas is unwrapping gifts. Not knowing what is inside, the excitement, it’s not only something that the little ones feel. We all feel it, but as we get older, we learn to hide our emotions a bit.

We all can’t imagine Christmas without wrapping presents. To help you out a bit, we found some ideas on how to wrap your gifts this year.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you want to add a twist to your presents this year, try out this three gift wrapping ideas to add some spice and personality:

1. Minimalism with Letters

You can personalise your gifts without spending too much by using a minimal design Christmas wrapping paper and attaching letters to them. Choose a solid colour for the main wrap, tie a plain or patterned ribbon, then top it off by tying in a cardboard letter. You can use the initials of your recipient to add that special touch to the gift!

2. Little Trees

The Christmas tree is one of the most notable decorations you see during the season, so incorporating it into your gifts is sure to put a smile on people’s faces. Go for kraft paper for your wrapper, then use some leaf decorations to form a tree and stick it to the gift for added texture and fun. Embellish with a star, glitter, or whatever you have on hand.

3. Lollies

Two gifts are better than one, so why not add some excitement by adding an extra treat while wrapping your presents? Once you finish wrapping the main gift, grab some twine and tie in a lolly or candy cane. Whoever receives your present will surely be delighted to see the sweet surprise waiting for them.

Reuse Your Christmas Wrapping Paper

After wrapping presents and definitely - after unwrapping on Christmas, you’ll most definitely have some leftover Christmas wrapping paper.

Rather than recycling it, this year you can try to reuse it first.

1. Turn It Into Confetti

When wrapping presents, you have to cut your paper to fit your gifts appropriately, often leaving you with scrap pieces. If you find yourself left with tons of these leftovers, you can shred them and turn them into confetti!
After turning them into confetti, you can turn them into confetti Christmas trees.

2. Make Christmas Decorations

If you enjoy DIY projects, then the idea of making Christmas decorations with wrapping paper will likely be up your alley. You can use decorative variants like Disney Christmas wrapping paper for added design.

3. Reuse to Make Banners

Another way to reuse your wrapping paper is to make banners out of them. The next time you’ll have a party, just search for the leftovers and start cutting the triangles. After cutting them, string them together.
The Christmas wrapping paper will get yet another use!