Why Clintons' Cards are Perfect for Every Occasion!

on April 27, 2021

In an increasingly digital world, the element of personal touch has somewhat taken a backseat. At Clintons, it’s our motto to keep the concept of personalisation alive which is why we house an extensive array of cards for a number of occasions.

We firmly believe that cards are a brilliant way to stay connected and express emotions like gratitude, love, congratulations and condolences. A Clintons' card sent through the post holds so much more value when compared to quick and easy methods. 

Now, we are not condemning e-cards and emails but the truth is, these forms of communication have become too common. This means your gesture may not be as impactful and remarkable as it ought to be. 

Clintons' Cards Perfect for Every Occasion and Event!

With Clintons' cards, you’ll find fun curated messages for just about any general (or specific) sentiment out there. You may have different reasons for sending cards to your loved ones. Be it someone’s birthday or you simply want a friend to know how much you love them, there’s a card for you at Clintons.

We are all about keeping the excitement of snail mail alive; even if the message is a simple hello - it’s enough to brighten up the recipient’s day. 

With our extensive card collection, feel free to express and convey your emotions in a more lasting manner. We now have great offers on our new and exclusive 4 for 3 cards!

Let’s take a sneak peek at the various occasions you can send a Clintons card for!

Celebrations, Congratulations and Acknowledgements


Let your loved ones know how much they’ve touched your lives with our range of anniversary cards. From general husband and wife cards to first, silver, pearl, ruby and sapphire cards for anniversaries, we’ve got it all!

Bat/Bar Mitzvah

This coming of age, joyous occasion has to be acknowledged so why not celebrate it with a personalised card? With Clintons' cards, say mazel tov to growing up. Don’t forget to buy an appropriate gift to go with the card!


Send heartfelt greetings to the happy couple with our fantastic collection of engagement cards. Take your pick from our classic, funny and modern cards to toast new beginnings. 

We also have a collection of beautiful engagement invitation cards that couples can send to their friends and family.

Graduation and Exam Cards

Celebrate this important milestone with Clintons' cards and celebrate the freshly anointed graduate! Pair this greeting card with a personalised helium balloon in a box to bring a smile on the recipient’s face.

New Home

Congratulate your loved ones on this very grown up achievement and join in the celebration with a fun card and a box of sweet treats in your arsenal! From the punny New Home Aloe Plant card to the cute Cat on Pile of Cushions card, take your pick from our extensive collection. 

Send cards with custom, personalised messages to your loved ones for just about any occasion. For more options, check our Wedding, Retirement, New Job and Baby Announcement card collection.


Father’s Day

Let you old man know how much he means to you with a heartfelt card from our collection. This isn’t just restricted to your dad; extend your wishes to any father figure in your life with curated cards from Clintons.

Valentine’s Day

Make your better half’s day better and brighter with a special Valentine’s card delivered to them. Include a balloon bouquet with a box of chocolates and gifts to create a wholesome package for your loved one.


Celebrate the festival of lights with a personalised Hanukkah card. Don’t forget to send a gift to make this occasion extra special. 


This is the big one so make sure that you pull all the stops. While gifts for your loved ones is a given, this year, don’t forget to include a thoughtful Christmas card from Clintons.

New Years

Making it through 365 days of ups and downs has to be acknowledged so, why not send custom Clintons' cards to all your friends and family? Check our impressive collection of New Year cards perfect for every single person who is a part of your life.

Be it Easter, Eid or Diwali, at Clintons we’ve got you covered for every special occasion!

Sentiments and Emotions

Apology Cards

When a simple apology just won’t do, make it up to your loved ones with an apology card from Clintons. From apologising for missing out on your loved ones big day to wishing a belated happy birthday, at Clintons we have a variety of customisable cards for you to choose from. 

Get Well Cards

Perfect for when your loved one is feeling a little blue, cheer them up with a cute get well card. It might just be the pick-me-up they need to feel a whole lot better!

Sympathy Cards

Give your condolences and regards to a friend, family, colleague or acquaintance to show your support for their loss. Our extensive range of sympathy cards feature thoughtful messages, so you can choose one that feels right to you. 

Thank You Cards

Spread love and positivity by expressing gratitude to your closest friends and family with our ‘Thank You Card’ collection. Choose from pre-filled messages or blank cards to thank someone for their love and support. 

Thinking of You Cards

When you are at a loss for words to express just how much you care about someone, send them a ‘Thinking of You card’ from Clintons. We have an expansive range of cards both with and without messages, so take your pick and make someone’s day better and brighter.

Order Clintons' Cards to Make Any Occasion Extra Special

With Clintons, you can now make every day extraordinary! Browse through our collection to choose the perfect card for people you care about. Explore our Simply Clintons’ range to find something unique and fresh.

Place your order today to go big on personalised messages with cards!