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6 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers

on November 08, 2022

With Christmas right around the corner, you’ve probably started looking for Christmas gifts for your family and friends. If you have a Secret Santa coming up at work, you’ll likely need to start thinking about Christmas gifts for your coworkers, too.

Whether they’re your long-time desk mates or you only see them on screen a few times each week, it’s important to let your coworkers know that you appreciate them. This can also help you form a better relationship with them.

When it comes to finding gifts for coworkers, you need to ensure that your gift is both professional and thoughtful. Pick a gift that you know your colleague would enjoy, be it food, stationery, or any other useful items.

Today, we’ve made a list of some of the best Christmas gift ideas for your coworkers.

Let’s have a look.


1. Desk Essentials

cat and dog date book

Is your coworker one of those people who enjoys maintaining a pristinely organised desk space? If so, make a list of some of their favourite desk items that they use everyday.

This list can help you create a personalised desk essentials hamper for your coworker. This could include a notepad, pens and pencils with a holder, a pack of post-it notes, 2023 calendars and diaries, a box of tissues, and more. If your coworker has a green thumb, you could also gift them with a lovely potted plant for their desk.

Take a look at your coworker’s desk to find out which gifts would be the most useful for them.


2. A Drinkware Set

Gin glass

If your coworker often seems to have busier days than others, and they enjoy kicking back with a drink after work, gifting them with some classy drinkware may be the best option.

Depending on their drink of choice, you could give them beer glasses, gin glasses, champagne glasses, wine glasses, or whiskey glasses. You could also go the extra mile and gift them with their favourite drink, but that might be a rather expensive gift.

Either way, drinkware would make for an enjoyable gift.


3. Sweet Treats

You're the best Toblerone bar

This is the ideal Christmas gift for all coworkers with a sweet tooth as well as those with young kids at home. You can gift them with one or multiple boxes of chocolates or you could create an entire hamper of sweets.

Your box of sweets could include chocolates of different flavours, Christmas-y treats like gingerbread cookies and candy canes, Christmas flavoured cupcakes, and a variety of other mouth-watering sweets. 


4. A Scented Candle

A classic gift, one of the most effective ways to relax and rewind after a long day at work is to chill with a scented candle. If your colleague enjoys a good meditation session to clear their mind after a stressful day at work, a fragrant candle set would make for a great gift.

Choose from a variety of scented candles with fragrances of fruits, flowers, sweets, or other calming scents. You could also gift your coworker with a Christmas scented candle to make their home smell like the festive season.


5. All-things-Coffee

Alphabet mug


Work days can get extremely hectic, especially during the holiday season when all you’d like to do is return home to enjoy the festivities with your family. 

There’s no better energy booster for an exhausting day than a large cup of hot coffee. This christmas, find out about your colleague’s coffee preferences and gift them with a large bag of their favourite coffee.

This is an excellent Christmas gift for all caffeine lovers and can also be paired with a variety of coffee-specific items. You can include a coffee mug, a flask for the constantly travelling coworker, an electric mug warmer, or even a French press. If a mug tickles your fancy, why not explore our all new variety of Alphabet Mugs, with a number of popular letters available, we're confident you'll find the right mug for you!


6. A Cosy Blanket

Hooded blanket

If your coworker is someone who always feels chilly within the office regardless of the weather outside, this is the perfect Christmas gift for them. 

A soft and cosy blanket will help to keep them warm and comfortable at work, especially on a cold winter day. You can also include a few pairs of cosy socks in this gift.

While this may seem like a simple gift, it will certainly be appreciated by your perpetually freezing coworker.


To Wrap It Up

When it comes to coworker gifting, make sure that your gifts aren’t too personal or too expensive, as you wouldn’t want to receive an awkward reaction. Avoid gifting your coworkers with clothes or shoes.

If your coworker is a close friend, you could also surprise them with a customised hamper of all the things that you know they’ll love. 

However, if your coworker is new to the office, this is your chance to get to know them better. Conducting a little research on their interests can help you find the ideal Christmas gift for them. 

These amazing Christmas gift ideas can help you pick the best presents for your coworkers and bring a smile to their faces.