5 Tips For an Exciting Easter Celebration in 2022

on April 12, 2022

With the fun and exciting holiday of Easter Sunday heading towards us, it’s the right time to plan your Easter celebration. 

Easter is the day we celebrate life, hope, and happiness with our family and with Easter gifts, cards and chocolates we share our love for them.

However, being the host of this year’s Easter party can come with a bit of stress, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. 

We’ve created this article to help you choose from some of the most exciting Easter celebration ideas in 2022. 

Here we go!

1. Host a Secret Easter Bunny Gift Exchange

easter gifts, a woman with a gift in her handeaster gifts, a woman with a gift in her hand

You’ve heard of secret Santa, haven’t you? The secret Easter Bunny is a similar concept that will greatly enhance the charm of your Easter celebration.

Amongst your family or friends, randomly allocate a different name to each participant. Make sure that you keep these pairings a secret from the rest of the group - it's the secret Easter Bunny after all! 

Set a budget, a time to exchange the Easter gifts, and voilà! A wonderful surprise for everyone involved.

2. Host an Easter Egg Hunt

5 Tips to an Exciting Easter Celebration in 2022; an easter egg hunt sign attached to a fence5 Tips to an Exciting Easter Celebration in 2022; an easter egg hunt sign attached to a fence

Probably one of the most widely spread Easter traditions, the Easter egg hunt is one of the best ways to brighten your Easter celebration.

We’re sure you already know what the tradition is about. However, in case you don’t, let us lay it out for you. You order some delicious chocolate Easter eggs from Clintons.

Once you receive them, decorate the eggs and hide them all over the house right before Easter Day and let the kids find them. The child (or adult!) who finds the most eggs is the winner and gets the biggest chocolate along with bragging rights.

3. Have an Easter Cookie Decoration Competition

5 Tips to an Exciting Easter Celebration in 2022; a plate of easter themed cookies5 Tips to an Exciting Easter Celebration in 2022; a plate of easter themed cookies

Well, it’s not going to be a cutthroat competition like the ones we’re used to on Great British Bake-Off, but rather a fun, simple and joyful one. 

For this Easter celebration idea, the host bakes a large batch of Easter cookies and gives everyone a set of cookies along with some decorative ingredients.

The participants can then use the icing, the candies, the sprinkles and everything else to decorate their cookies. The person who creates the most beautiful (or silliest)cookies wins the competition. 

4. Surprise the Guests With Easter Cocktails (Just the Adults, Though)

A row of colourful cocktailsA row of colourful cocktails

As mentioned before, this part of the Easter celebration should stay limited to the adults of the family. 

It’s a pretty simple concept: Prepare some delicious Easter-themed cocktails - the wackier the better - before everyone arrives and host a cocktail party at your home. 

Let everyone taste your delicious and delirious Easter cocktails and lose themselves in the celebration of spring and happiness.

5. Plan a Family Easter Skit or Easter Book Reading

A family crowding around a laptopA family crowding around a laptop

This is an amazing way to educate the younger children of the family about the traditions and stories of Easter.

Whether you decide to practice an Easter-themed skit or organise an Easter book reading for the little ones, we are certain that they are going to enjoy every bit of it.

Additionally, while the kids are having Easter skit performances or book reading sessions, the adults can cheer them on with some delightful daiquiris in their hands. 

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With these simple tips, you can host an incredibly memorable Easter celebration for your friends and family and have a great time. 

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