Our 4 Best Easter Gift Ideas for 2022

on March 29, 2022

With the season of joy approaching us, it’s time to be prepared for the wonderful Easter holidays.

Easter Sunday brings lots of joy, happiness and excitement for the entire family. All can celebrate with a delightful Easter brunch and a fun chocolate Easter egg hunt too.

The giving of Easter gifts can also bring charm and something a little special to Easter.

Both adults and children alike enjoy surprising their loved ones with sweet Easter gift ideas to wish them a Happy Easter. 

If you’re running short on gift ideas for Easter, don’t worry. In this blog post, we bring you some of the best Easter gifts that everyone in your family will certainly appreciate.

Shall we begin?

The Ferrero Eggs Hazelnut Bag

These are probably one of the most delicious Easter gift ideas for your friends and family.

While everyone is hunting for Easter eggs and having a great time, you can surprise them with these delicious chocolate Easter eggs by Ferrero. The tasty wafer eggs, covered in milk chocolate and a mouth-watering, hazelnut filling inside, will certainly impress anyone who receives them as a gift.

Peppa Pig Easter Hunt Book

When it comes to the best Easter gift ideas, this sweet and educational children’s book is perfect for the little tots in the family.

The simple story follows grandpa pig setting up a little Easter hunt for Peppa Pig and her friends, as they embark upon a journey of excitement and fun. 

You can read this book to children to teach them a little bit about some of the traditions of Easter, in a fun way. However, you need to be ready because they’ll certainly want an Easter egg hunt after reading it. 

Bronnley Easter Chick Soap Tin

Another sweet little Easter gift for both kids and adults, this marvellous tin consisting of an amazing Bronnley natural soap, is an absolute Easter hit.

Perfectly symbolising the holiday, this ornate tin captures the magic of Easter with beautiful, charming aesthetics and a very cute picture of two chicks. It doesn’t matter whether you gift it to a child or adult, they will be absolutely awestruck with this fabulous Easter Day gift.

Easter Sticker Activity Book

If you’re looking for the best ideas for a child’s Easter gift, this activity book will be sure to make the children in the family smile. Perfect for adding to a child’s Easter basket too!

The Easter Time Sticker Activity Book is the perfect gift to get the children excited for Easter Day and to keep them busy whilst you prepare for the celebrations. Including several activities, stickers and so much more, this fun-filled activity book will keep children busy for hours throughout the Easter holidays. 

Choose Clinton’s for the Best Easter Gift Ideas 

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