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Fifth Wedding Anniversary - Our Top Gifts for The Happy Couple

on December 17, 2018

When you finish your first five years in marriage, it is an achievement that definitely calls for a celebration! 

The fifth wedding anniversary is the first ‘big’ wedding celebration amongst all the other ones. This means, it only makes sense that you mark its remembrance by choosing ‘occasion worthy’ gifts from our wide variety of options that will suit each of your preferences. 

Naturally, there are very many ways and very many gifts to choose from to make your spouse feel loved on a special day. 

To assist you, we at Clintons, have curated a list of our top gift ideas for your spouse or for the couple who’s completing five successful years. Read along!

1. Candles 

Fifth wedding anniversary; Clintons Yankee scented candle.

After their tiring celebrations all day, the couple can simply relax and enjoy the calmness that scented Yankee candles bring. These candles are like a hug in a container because when you light them up, your worries go right out of the window. 

Moreover, a Yankee candle can be one of the many great gifts you can give the couple to make their day special. With the quality of sleep they will get, you will know you've given them the right gift!

2. Photo Frames

Fifth wedding anniversary; Clintons photoframe in off-white colour.

The best way to preserve memories is through photographs. However, rather than keeping them in albums in the basement, such precious memories should be displayed out front to make your place feel more like home. 

This simply means that nobody could go wrong with gifting a picture frame. Moreover, by giving a photo frame, you are adding value to the couple’s home decor and a personal one too. 

It doesn’t stop here though; such a sentimental gift will always remind them of you whenever they walk past that frame in their house!

3. Personalised Mugs

 Fifth wedding anniversary; A personalised white mug with 'wifey' written on it.

Mugs as a gift are a classic - and for a reason! They are evergreen, timeless and used almost every day by everyone. 

That said, when sometimes there are new but tiny replacements in your routines, such as everyday mugs, you naturally start feeling good about the day. This means even a small gift like a mug can make the couple remember you whenever they are sipping on their morning coffee or evening tea. 

However, if you don’t want to go for something simple, why not choose from our personalised mugs, which can let you get their pictures or a sweet message that congratulates them?

4. Cards

A blush pink card with 'Wedding Anniversary Wishes' printed on it in gold.

Another classic right after mugs is anniversary cards

Cards have the super quality of charming people, making them smile every time they look at them. Fortunately, we are a group of curators who believe in classic gifting too, so we have a variety of cards for specific people and for specific occasions

Choose from our anniversary cards to give your friends on their fifth wedding anniversary. If you want, consider adding a handwritten note once you have the card in your hands to make the gift more personalised and the couple feels closer and special to you!

5. Separate Gifts for Both 

A grey soft toy; teddy bear holding a red coloured heart.

At Clintons, all the products are listed while keeping in mind the importance of gifting. 

We understand the difficulties our customers go through while landing on one thing to give, so we have simplified the process by organising a generic column separately for him and her. Of course, you can choose a gift by considering their preferences. 

You can easily visit these sections where you are assisted with a variety of ideas; we’re certain that you will find one perfect gift for each one of the couple. 

When you do so, the couple will be happy to see the efforts and love that you put into customised gifts for them on their fifth wedding anniversary. 

To Conclude

Now that you have a basic structure and ideas to surprise the couple with heart-warming gifts, like cards, candles and many more, consider wrapping them in a presentable way to make your gift more appealing. 

Given their different shapes and sizes, only wrapping paper for certain gifts won’t do. 

Here, you can consider putting them in colourful bags or elegant boxes. Additionally, you can accessorise your gifts with bows and ribbons to take your presentation game a notch higher and perhaps also add a kind note as the last step to dazzle things up!

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When it comes to choosing gifts, whether it’s for your spouse or the happy couple you know, Clintons is your one-stop shop where you can choose from a variety of gifts suitable for every occasion. You can also wrap them with multiple options that are available on our website!

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