Have A Fun Mother's Day Celebration - Here's How!

on March 01, 2022

If you ask your mum what she likes best, you’ll almost always get an answer that’s about spending time with her family and loved ones. That’s how incredible mums are; there’s no one quite like them.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you have the perfect opportunity to make the maternal figure in your life feel extra special by putting together an amazing celebration. 

Plan a fun Mother’s Day celebration this year to spoil her with all the love and care she deserves! From a fun movie night at home to giving her the best Mother’s Day cards, gifts, and hampers, there’s a lot you can do. 

At Clinton’s, we have all the tools required for a great celebration, and if you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered. 

Here’s a list of a few fun Mother’s Day celebration ideas that can help you plan an incredible day with your mum. 

Let’s take a look!

1. Put Together A Self-Care Hamper Or Box

With the focus on self-care, a great hamper or box is an amazing idea to consider for your Mother’s Day gift for Mum. However, instead of keeping it simple, take it up a notch by creating a unique themed self-care basket.

Since very few people know your mum as well as you do, you can find the perfect theme and gift ideas for this hamper. 

If your mum loves trying out different alcoholic drinks, you could consider our Henstone Distillery miniatures for incredible spirits and liquors. To this, a luxury boxed card from our Mother’s Day card collection can be the perfect option. 

If home decor is something your mum enjoys, consider adding a few scented candles to enhance this hamper, along with a bouquet of her favourite flowers. A box of Lindt chocolates adds the perfect touch of indulgence, completing the gift hamper. 

If you can’t find a good hamper to add these gifts to, our gift boxes and stylish gift bags serve as incredible alternatives that are perfect to store your gifts in.

Explore our collection to place your order today!

2. Host A Surprise Party

Surprise parties are always a fun way of celebrating; it never fails to make a person happy. For this Mother’s day celebration, consider hosting a surprise party with your mum’s nearest and dearest.

Prepare a list of your mum’s closest friends and family members, and send them an invite beforehand so that they can all be a part of this celebration. You can then prepare family-favourite games, revisit the best memories everyone has with your mum, and have a nice catch-up - it’s a great way to make your mother feel special and loved. 

To create a fun atmosphere, you could decorate the place with party accessories, Mother’s Day balloons, maybe even a special balloon stork delivery for something special and unique.

Hosting a surprise party is a great way to shower your mum with love and appreciation; you’re guaranteed a fun Mother’s Day celebration.

3. Put Together A Nostalgic Slideshow

Remembering the good times is always a good idea as it shows us how far we've come and how much we’ve grown. That said, consider putting together a slideshow that showcases the most precious memories you share with your mother.

From childhood photos and holiday videos, you must have a plethora of memories in the form of pictures. You can revisit these memories with your mum by creating a nostalgic slideshow. Adding in sentimental music, voice-overs, or even funny graphics can make the slideshow all the better. 

Watching your mum’s reaction in person lets you experience and see all the memories rushing back - the day is going to be a memorable one indeed.

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