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GCSE Results Day 2022: 4 Perfect Gifts For the New Graduates

on July 12, 2022

Given the fact that this is the first time exams have taken place since 2019, we're certain that you're eagerly waiting for your results.

GCSE Result Day 2022 is on the 25th of August this year and we hope that it brings great news for all our young school leavers. 

With excellent GCSE grades on their way, it's important that we prepare ourselves to congratulate the young ones for their hard work.

After all, the new graduates could certainly use a celebration after a long period of waiting for their GCSE results.

While we’ve covered some exciting celebration ideas and graduation cards in our previous blogs, today we bring you yet another way to surprise the graduates.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of some of our best graduation gifts to congratulate the young ones on their results.

While these are some of our favourite suggestions, if you want more options, you can always take a look at the wide product range of graduation gifts here.

1. Graduation Pen

This wonderful graduation pen is one of our favourite suggestions if you wish to congratulate your young one on passing their GCSE 2022 exams.

With an elegant gold body and a unique design that makes it look as though the pen is wearing a graduation hat, this incredible gift is exactly what you need.

The best part about this gift, however, is the wonderful box that comes with the words, “Congratulations on your Graduation” engraved on it. 

2. Owl Soft Toy In a Mug

This is probably the cutest graduation gift on our list. The sweet, little owl soft toy is all dressed up in the most charming graduation cap and gown. 

The soft toy is placed in a mug with the owl’s picture printed on it and the words “Hoot Hoot Hooray” cheering on the victory against exams. 

Out of our best graduation gift ideas for the GCSE Results Day 2022, the Owl Soft Toy in a Mug is one of the most loved ones.

3. Top Bloke Mug

The cool Top Bloke Mug is another brilliant graduation gift for the young lad. 

This bright and inspiring colour scheme is a great way to get your young graduate’s spirits up.

Ideal for boys, this funky mug with stars and the big, bold words, “TOP BLOKE” printed on it can make a pretty good graduation gift for this year’s GCSE Results Day 2022.

4. Personalised Bamboo Socks With Their Name

Our brilliant collection of the coolest personalised Bamboo Socks is the perfect gift for the to-be GCSE graduate. 

With many of the most common male names already printed on a huge collection of ready-made bamboo socks, we’re sure you’ll find one with your child's name on it.

However, if not, you can always turn to our gift page and be certain that you’ll find an amazing gift for the occasion.

Choose Clintons For The Best Graduation Gifts and Cards

Now that you have some amazing graduation gift ideas to surprise your teens with on GCSE Results Day 2022, it’s time to order the ones you like the most.

With our amazing suggestions and our large selection of graduation cards and gifts, you can choose the most suitable gifts for the big day.

For years, we have always been there for you throughout all your special occasions. This results season, we wish good luck to all the young people awaiting their GCSE results.

With decorations, cards, and gifts available for every occasion from birthdays to anniversaries to graduation, we’ve got you covered.

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