Our Favourite Gift Ideas for the Bride to Be

on September 14, 2021

While many recommend sticking to the registry for gift ideas for the bride, there’s always an opportunity to go above and beyond. This is especially true if the bride is someone dear to you.

Whether it’s for their hen do, the wedding, or just something she needs to pamper herself before the big day, there are several unique gifts you can choose from for the bride. The key is to look for something that matches her tastes and preferences.

At Clintons, we know how thoughtful and special the right gift can be, especially for our nearest and dearest. However, selecting the appropriate gift may be a little challenging. That is why we're here to help you.

We’ve put together a shortlist of our favourite gift ideas for the bride that she is sure to love. From self-care sets with scented Yankee candles to a thoughtful card, we’ve covered it all! 

1. A Classy Wine Glass Set

Gift ideas for the bride; wine glass set

For those brides who love their alcohol, what better gift than a stylish wine glass set? 

Although everyone usually has their own collection of wine glasses, you could perhaps add to those with something unique or timeless they might like. Our Portmerion gin glass set, botanical glass set, roaring 20’s glass, and citrus fruit glass are some unique and stunning gift ideas for the bride to be. 

With this, you could add additional elements like an elegant bracelet along with a thoughtful handwritten note to complete the gift and make it more special.

2. A Relaxing Yankee Candle Set

gift ideas for the bride; cherry blossom yankee candle

Fragrant candle sets have always been popular amongst many and for good reason! From improving the ambience of the space to the subtle fragrances that create a calming atmosphere, these candles are perfect for a bit of a me-time that everyone needs. 

Since every bride to be will have a long list of things to do on their mind, a fragrant candle set can serve as the perfect way for them to catch a much-needed break.

Red Raspberry, Cherry Blossom, Pink Sands, Vanilla Cupcake, Lavender are some of our favourite top sellers. You could also consider tea lights or diffusers if you don’t want to opt for the traditional jar; the bride is surely going to love these!

To further elevate this gift, add our Me to You Relax And Unwind Pamper Gift Set to these fragrant candles.

3. A Nostalgic Picture In A Stylish Photo Frame

stylish photo frame

As someone close to the bride to be, you must have shared several fond memories. Revisiting this nostalgia with a memorable picture of the both of you is a classic gift idea for the bride.

Our silver or black floating frames, wired frame, gold or silver embossed frame, oyster pearl effect frame or geometric pink and grey frame make for great gifts. These are sure to make any picture all the more special, something the bride to be is surely going to cherish. 

To sweeten the deal further (literally!), consider adding a box of delicious chocolates to this gift, the bride is going to love and appreciate the thought behind these gifts.

4. A Wedding Gift Hamper

love wedding gift hamper

Very few things in life express love, care and affection as well as a gift hamper; it serves as the ultimate gift!

Before her big day, every bride needs love and support from those close to her. Since gifts are always well-received, it can be just what she needs as a reminder that there are people who’ll always be there for her.

From chocolates and a thoughtful card to bath bombs, tote bags and a guardian angel necklace, there are many things you could add to make this gift hamper indulgent and luxurious. However, one thing you need to do is ensure you wrap the gifts to maintain that element of surprise and keep the bride guessing.

Clintons - Your One-Stop Shop For Incredible Gift Ideas For The Bride

While these are only a few of our top favourite gift ideas for the bride, at Clintons, you can explore our full range for more options!

From thoughtful and funny cards to sentimental gifts, we have an incredible range of products that are suitable for every type of bride. Explore our range of wedding gifts and cards and place your order today!