On Their Golden Wedding Anniversary, Make Them Feel Special

on March 02, 2021

Whether it’s your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or friends, a golden wedding anniversary is a little milestone that deserves thoughtful celebrations.

But how many years is a golden wedding anniversary? It means 50 years together as a married couple: quite impressive!

A 50th wedding anniversary is a true achievement: couples so solid they last half a century aren’t that ordinary after all. Finding a love that desists all everyday challenges, where spouses have a serene and lasting bond is rare. But anytime we run into one, we can’t help but feel energised with hopeful admiration!

A golden wedding anniversary brings along with it laughs, challenging moments, anecdotes, joyful memories, adventures and accomplishments.

We’re celebrating all of this: with more or less grandeur, a large or an intimate gathering, sobriety or irony, but always with heartwarming affection!

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas 

This is the perfect occasion to send this steady couple your love back and make them feel special and appreciated. A thoughtful gift requires taking into account the age of the spouses, their personal taste and passions.

Remember that they know the importance of what resists the passage of time, what goes beyond the surface, and what is truly meaningful. That’s why showing you’ve put thought into your present is key. Short on ideas?

Do not worry: here’s a round-up of perfect golden wedding anniversary gifts for all. 

1. A Framed Family Picture

Commitments, full-time jobs, a busy life: we know how tough it is to be close to our loved ones, even when that’s all we want. A family picture in a beautiful frame (golden, ça va sans dire) is a timeless present for a good reason: a little reminder to our favourite lovebirds that they are always on our mind. 

A collage of memories or a wonderful family portrait is a great gift for a golden anniversary

2. Scented Candles

Is there anything cosier than the warm glow of candlelights? Add to it a unique scent, and here you have the perfect evergreen present. Aromas and fragrances are scientifically proven to be powerful at evoking memories: a simple yet effective way to make them feel your presence, wherever you are. 

A little something from you to them to make them feel special, a golden anniversary candle

3. A pair of mugs 

Is talking after your first coffee the secret behind a successful union? If so, we wouldn’t be surprised! Most people like to begin their day with a hot beverage, so why not making this everyday moment a little more unique? A coordinated couple of mugs with a golden ornament or a sweet message is a great choice.

Make little day moments better with the special golden anniversary mugs

4. Something that reflects their hobbies 

Chances that the couple is now retired are high. Why not finding something that truly reflects what they love to do in their free time? Whether it’s gardening, baking, painting, or puzzles, find them a present that compliments their passions.

Do they like gardening? This gardening hamper could be a nice thoughtful gift

5. An experience 

Experiences are getting more and more popular gifts: there are so many choices for a golden wedding anniversary. You can put on the list: a portrait taken by a professional photographer, a cooking course (if they’re both food lovers), a wine tasting course, a spa treatment or a romantic weekend. 

6. Champagne flutes 

This is such a great occasion to make a toast: a pair of champagne flutes will surely be an appreciated gift. Even better if with a personalised message or a golden decoration: they will make these glasses really stand out. 

Don't forget the wrapping!

Remember that unwrapping the gift is part of the joy. Gold has such a symbolic look: take some time to look for golden boxes or wrapping paper. It’s such a simple thing to do, but it will truly elevate your present. 

What to Write in a Golden Wedding Anniversary Card?

Finding the right words on such occasions can be tricky: you don’t want to sound like you didn’t put enough care into what you’re writing. It’s hard to summarise such an admirable achievement in a few words.

Don't forget the card!

If that’s your case, we got you covered: here’s our list with some of the best golden wedding anniversary wishes. Heartwarming, funny, ironic or cheerful: there’s something for everyone!

Heartwarming messages 

“The most beautiful accomplishment in two people’s lives? Still being able to hold hands after many years. Congratulations on your golden wedding anniversary!”

“Seeing you so loving with each other after 50 years of marriage is wonderful and admirable: your love is contagious. Congratulations!” 

“A happy marriage is not a gift; it is an achievement that only people of good heart can reach. Happy anniversary to you two.”

“May your life path always keep the same joy and love of your first encounter. A happy wedding anniversary from your loving family.”

“Destiny brought you together, but love only gifted you an unbreakable bond. On this special day, we wish you the happiest 50th wedding anniversary.”

“‘A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.’ (Mignon McLaughlin)

We take you as an example, and we wish you the best day on your golden wedding anniversary.”

“The path was long, but it’s now time for you two to enjoy the beautiful panorama. Happy anniversary!”

Funny messages

“You have been married for 50 years, and you’re still loving each other like the very first day. Now please tell us: what’s the catch? Happy Anniversary!”

“When I have to explain what’s patience to the kids, I never forget to mention their grandparents. Congratulations for being the most resilient, loving couple we know.”

“You make one of the most difficult things in the world look easy: marriage! A happy anniversary to the two of you.”

“Congratulations on your 50 years of marriage. Now you must know, you’ll have to wait 40 more years to beat the Guinness World Record!”