Our 6 Gift Ideas for the Groom

on September 21, 2021

Yes, yes we know - you’re perhaps a gift enough for your groom-to-be!

However, conventional wedding traditions call for a gift exchange ceremony between the bride and groom-to-be just days before their big day; and guys, well, they can be a little difficult to shop for.

In fact, this job could get tougher if you have to find a special gift that expresses your love for him on such a joyous occasion.

At Clintons’, to make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of groom gifts from the bride that is not only personalised but also sentimental enough to show your love and appreciation.

Whether your groom is a tech geek, a fitness enthusiast or an outdoorsman, we’ve got something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at some of our gifts for the groom!

1. A Classy Gin Glass Set

If your groom loves to keep his drinks classy, then our Portmerion Gin Glass Set beautifully adorned with Swarovski elements can be the perfect twist on classic barware.

Moreover, we’re sure that gin will taste a whole lot better for him when he drinks it from a glass that you gifted with love.

For more personalised glasses, go through our collection of drinkware!

2. A Mr I Alphabet Mug

Our Mr I Alphabet Mug is one of the groom gifts from the bride that’s not only practical but also personal. Your partner can use this mug for his morning coffees and while doing so, he’ll be instantly reminded of the momentous day when you became Mr and Mrs.

However, you need not really settle for a personalised mug. If your guy is a travel enthusiast and eco-conscious, you can consider giving him travel mugs too.

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3. A Travel Journal or Notepad

Building on the previous point - if your partner really loves travelling, you can give him a travel journal or our New York notepad along with the travel mug.

Not only is it a heartfelt groom gift from the bride, but the book also lets him document his travel journeys with you. The best part about this gift is that he can also stick images in it for that personal touch!

If you want, fill the initial few pages with the details and images of his previous trips; that way, you can give him a walk down memory lane!

To browse through more such amazing journals, visit this page.

4. A Beautiful Wall Art or Photo Frame

An affordable yet beautiful wall art could be another gift for the groom to consider

If not a wall art, you can either choose our black floating 8x10” frame or the ‘I Love You’ 4x4” caption photo frame, add one of your favourite photos in it and gift him during the ceremony.

Not only does it work as one of the best groom gifts from the bride, but can later be used as a decor element in your room.

Here you can find different types of photo frames available on our website.


5. A Handwritten Letter

Perhaps one of the best groom gifts from the bride, a handwritten letter from you is sure to make him feel special and loved.

After all, nothing can beat the fact that you actually sat down and took the time to think about all the memories you guys created together and wrote it down in a beautiful manner.

Additionally, a handwritten note is considered a romantic and priceless gesture, which is sure to go a long way!

However, if you don’t have enough time, you could consider giving him our beautiful Wedding Day - Wedding Cake card along with other gifts mentioned above.

Here are a few more wedding cards for you to choose from!

6. A Box of Chocolates

Who doesn’t love chocolates?

A simple yet romantic gesture, giving your groom a box full of his favourite chocolates is sure to bring a smile on his face!

Moreover, indulging in some luxurious chocolates on your wedding day, it’s going to help him calm his nerves and set everything straight for the ceremony that’s to follow!

At Clintons’, we offer an array of chocolates and sweets, so make sure you visit our page.

Visit Clintons’ to Order the Best Groom Gifts From the Bride

Your wedding day is one of the most crucial days in your life and it’s important to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

This means that you need to prepare everything beforehand and not having your groom gifts ready is the last thing you’d want. So, why not visit our website, browse through our collection of gifts and place your order today?

If you’ve already purchased your gift and want to wrap it up in an elegant manner, then give this blog a read!