Five Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Father’s Day ?

on May 08, 2020

Father's Day is a time to celebrate all the love and care our dads have given us over the years. Let’s take a look at where the tradition began.

How did Father’s Day Begin?

Father's Day emerged at the beginning of the 20th century in the USA. The first campaign around honouring Father’s Day occurred in 1913, but it wasn’t until 1972 that President Richard Nixon signed it into law. At this point, the UK was also recognising Father’s Day, after following America’s example.

Slowly but surely, Father’s Day became celebrated across the world, morphing into the well-known tradition it is today.

When is Father’s Day Celebrated in the UK?

Father’s Day is celebrated on different dates across the globe.

Father and daughter dancing
Father's Day in the UK is celebrated on the third Sunday of June
(Photo: Josh Willink from Pexels)

In the UK, it falls on the third Sunday of June, similar to most countries. In Australia and New Zealand, however, the event falls in September.
For Spain and Portugal, Father’s Day is celebrated in March, whilst Norway and Sweden honour this day in November.

Five Father’s Day Gifts You Can’t Go Wrong With

Great Father’s Day gifts come in all shapes and sizes, ready to suit all budgets. If you’re struggling to find the perfect present this year, keep reading. We take a look at some of the many budget-friendly items dad is sure to love!

  1. Cardholders
    Cardholders are typically made from premium leather, but some fabrics can also be used. The holder is designed to optimise space. It is slim and compact so that it does not cause a bulge on the pocket. Make sure to find something that is impact-resistant and RFID-protected. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also add your dad’s initials.
  2. A Cool Mug
    Whether you choose a personalised mug that brandishes his name or initials, one that features a witty one-liner to make him laugh, or a sweet quote to show you care, a novelty mug is an ever-popular present Father’s Day gift – and a practical one too!
  3. Portable Phone Charger
    A mobile phone charger is another great gift that is relatively inexpensive. If your dad is a heavy user of their smartphones for business, games, watching videos and Netflix, chances are, the battery drains fast. The gadget is a handy solution.
  4. Novelty Socks
    You can never go wrong with a pair of novelty socks. Whether you opt for bold prints or ones that feature his favourite character, they’re a great way to show you know his personality. What’s more, who can ever have enough pairs of socks?
  5. A Cool Keyring
    With a cool keyring, your dad will be able to bring your gift with him wherever he goes, not to mention find his keys easier - win-win!
    Make him smile whenever he fishes for his keys with a high-quality keyring.

Happy Father's Day Messages and How to Get Them Right

A simple "I love you" can be the best gift
(Photo: ???.?.?.?.? Unsplash)

Sometimes, your words just don’t flow in the way you’d like them to. No matter whether you opt for a funny card to make him smile, or something more heartfelt, we’ve put together a few ideas below to help get you started on writing the perfect message:

  • Thank him for what he has done for you and the family.
  • Write about the qualities you love most about him – add in an anecdote for good measure.
  • Recall a precious memory.

If you don’t feel comfortable writing a long message, why not let the card do the talking for you? We have a wide variety of Father's Day cards available, each with their own unique sentiment. Browse our varied selection today.