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This Mother's Day Gift a Dog Mum You Know

on February 22, 2021

Dogs have mums, too! We're not talking about their birth mums, but about their human mummies who adore them.

When you have a dog, you know what unconditional love means.
Photo: Unsplash, Olivia Hutcherson

Dogs return the love every day, and they are entirely unaware of any human holidays, including Mother's Day. If they knew that a custom-like thanking your Mum on a Sunday three weeks before Easter exists, we're sure they would be extra cute that day.

So, how to handle this situation? How to wish a Happy Mother's Day from the dog?

We have some ideas for human dog helpers. 

Cute Little Gifts for a Dog Mum on Mother's Day

  • Nice card
  • Framed photo of a dog & Mum 
  • Funny dog bowl
  • Scented candle
  • Tote bag with paws

Happy Mother's Day From The Dog: A Lovely Card

She's your wife, girlfriend, cousin or friend & she loves her dog. Put a smile on her face on Mother's Day and write: Woof Woof, I love you, Mum!

In these times when we don't see a lot of people, wishing a Happy Mother's Day from the dog isn't the silliest idea. 

Mother's Day card with a puppy
What would a dog write?

Pick a Mother's Day card, one that shows a dog, and write something cute, something a dog would write:

  • Happy Mother's Day! Glad you're home, now take me for a walk! WOOF!
  • Love you, Mum! You're pawfect! WOOF!
  • I love you even more than my meat treat, my chew toy and running free combined. Your fav dog! WOOF!

A Happy Mother's Day from the dog can be a funny, thoughtful gift by itself, but you can also add it to other little cute gifts.

Cute Gift: A Framed Picture of Mum & Dog

There must be an adorable picture of the two of them on Facebook or Instagram. Print it out in high-quality and put it in a cute picture frame. It's a perfect gift as it's absolutely cute & thoughtful. 


Add a happy Mother's Day message from the dog along:

I always liked how I turned out on this photo! My both ears I pointed up, and you can't see that I'm shedding as usual. You also look great, Mum! I love you! WOOF

A Funny Dog Bowl

Can you give a dog Mum a present for Mother's Day that's actually a gift for the dog? You absolutely can. Everything around appreciating a dog owner as a dog Mum on Mother's Day is entirely unserious and cheerful.

Buying a funny dog bowl that says "I'm a dog, what's your superpower" definitely fits the description.

Funny dog bowl
There are no rules on what to give a dog mum on Mother's Day

You can throw in a message in a Mother's Day card:

Your superpower is that you're my Mum. I love you! I also got [the name of the actual person that's writing] to buy me this bowl as I have a problem with entering your credit card number online with my paws.  

A Scented Candle for Dog Mum

You can opt for buying a gift for the dog, but you can also choose something for Mum.

If you know a dog Mum, you know that she lets that furry little monster everywhere. The dog is an equal family member allowed to go on the couch, in the kitchen, and on the bed. 

Mum dig with pet reading a book
If a dog could make up for its stinkiness, it would buy his Mum a scented candle

But, even though the dogs are nourished & cleaned, they have a specific smell.

Scented candles can eliminate that odour, leaving the room fresh. You can pick from a range of scents, and always find a perfect Yankee Candle. Everyone likes them. 

Don't forget to add a message on the card from the pup: I know I can get stinky! This is for you, Mum! I love you! WOOF

5. Tote Bag With Paw Print

Everyone needs a tote bag; it's a cool way to carry shopping. A person holding a tote bag is also saying to the world: I'm not using plastic. 

Tote bags with a paw print are an excellent gift for dog Mums, especially if you add a nice message to the Mother's Day card.

What would a dog write if it was giving away a tote bag with paws?

We think it would be something like this: 

Hey Mum; I got you these matching tote bag! I leave the same print on the carpet after a muddy walk! Love you! WOOF