5 Hilarious Birthday Cards for 2022

on April 19, 2022

Birthdays can be one of the most special days in a person’s life. With every passing year, one has the chance to stop, look around and see where they’ve reached in life.

What makes these days all the more special are the wonderful birthday celebration ideas, delightful birthday gifts and some heartfelt birthday cards.

While we've covered the most amazing birthday ideas to surprise your friends in our previous article, today we’re talking about birthday cards.

When it comes to birthday cards for those closest to you, you need to add a little charm, some love and a whole lot of humour to the cards.

Now you won’t always find the funniest cards just anywhere. However, at Clintons, you will. Therefore, in this article, we have found you the most hilarious birthday cards at Clintons. 

If you don’t find one for your best mate in this article, don’t worry. Our exceptional collection of the most hilarious birthday cards is filled with many more happy birthday cards and funny birthday wishes. 

Here we go!

1. Snagged General Card

The perfect card for the friend who loves their naughty cat. With a funny message on the outside and a blank space on the inside for you to write whatever takes your fancy, this is one of our top funny birthday cards. 

This charming birthday card with an aloof kitty sitting on a sofa she just clawed her way through is certainly going to make your bud laugh. Well, it’s funny ‘cause it’s true.

2. Hunk & Dog Humour Birthday Card

For the girl or guy who loves their dog more than anything, this is one of our most ingeniously hilarious birthday cards.

With a cover message that says, “I bought you this card because I know you like dogs!” and a picture of a half-naked handsome man holding a dog, this will probably be the most memorable birthday card your friend has received. 

3. Bake Off Humour Birthday Card

Remember the night you got absolutely inebriated on your best mate’s birthday? Well, this hilarious birthday card is a throwback to that night.

For all those nights she said, “One more couldn’t hurt,” and woke up the next morning absolutely hungover, this is the birthday card you need. Surprise your pal with this funny birthday card and remind them to take it easy on the alcohol on this birthday.

4. We're Cool Blank Card

Every cool group of the closest friends comprises three hilarious and amazing friends always walking around looking cool. Well, this is the perfect birthday card for one of their birthdays.

Whether you’re the glue that keeps the three of you together or the one that initiates all the fights, it’s time to remind your buddy how much you appreciate their friendship. 

5. Alcohol Slows Down Ageing Process Birthday Card

With an old /glamourous woman holding a glass of champagne and the words, “Alcohol won't slow down the ageing process..but then again neither will water!” on its cover, this card will certainly make your wine-loving friend burst out laughing.

Perfect for your drinking buddy, this card will not only address the fact that your buddy is getting old but also remind them of the long evenings you may have shared over a bottle or two. 

Find the Most Hilarious Birthday Cards on Clintons

This was a list of some of our most charming and hilarious birthday cards. However, if you haven’t found your card yet, we have a whole lot more for you.

Check out our funny birthday cards collection and find the most perfect card for you. Now you can find every kind of birthday card on our website with our wide range of birthday card collections

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