Get Inspired: Look at These Great Ways People Display Willow Tree Figurines

on September 04, 2020

Every Willow Tree figurine is unique, it’s a moment caught in time carved in wood. If you received one as a gift, or you already have a big collection, you are probably wondering how to display your Willow Tree Figurines.

We carried out a little research on Instagram to find some of the most creative ways people display their Willow Tree Figurines. Keep reading to find some inspiration.

Your Willow Tree Figurine Display Is a Part of a Message

Artist Susan Lordi creates the faceless willow people and angels to capture moments in life. Her wooden creations reflect natural movements, making many people see themselves in the figurines.

A lot of figurines capture family moments, making them a perfect little piece of art to tell a story.

Every figurine can be used to enhance a special message, put in a place where it makes absolute sense.

The Story of a Happy Home

Family memories don’t have to be a display of photos hung on the staircase wall. Take a corner of any room, any countertop and create your story. Add the willow tree figurines that you relate to and tell the story of a happy home.

Displaying Willow Tree Figurines in the Nursery

Pregnancy is a magical time of life, an experience like no other. It’s a time when mum & dad feel nervous and happy at the same time, a time when it’s perfectly normal for dad to talk to mom’s belly.

Those particles of time, as well as the first moments with the baby, are captured forever in willow.

You can tell the whole story, just like in Alaya’a nursery. The shelves tell a tale of coming to this world, from the first ultrasound photo to birth with Willow Tree Figurines displayed to show all the love parents are feeling.

The Family Shelfies 

Shelfie is a photo of shelves or bookcases stylishly arranged and posted on social media. Who would ever say that shelves can be so photogenic? But they are, especially when you arrange your Willow Tree Figurines. Add a family moment to your stand; put it next to a plant - a little bit of greenery always soothes the eye.

Willow Tree Figurines & Photos, a Perfect Combination

It’s easy to arrange Willow Tree Figurines and move them around.
They look great next to family photos, as they bring a three-dimensional feel to pictures on the walls.

Be Creative, Play With Wood

Willow Tree Figurines complement any material but combining wood with wood is always a right combination.

You can display your figurines on a wooden shelf, or place them on a piece on wood.

Arranging Lone Figurines

Wherever there’s a flat surface in your home that you don’t use for work, you can use it for a display. The beauty of the Willow Tree Figurines is their natural neutral tones match every style.

Display Your Willow Tree Figurine With Books

We all have those books that we can read over and over again. Adding Willow Tree Figurines to bookcases makes them more visually appealing.

Christmas and Willow Tree Figurines 

We all love Christmas, and one of our favourite things is decorating our home. It’s the time when homes smell like cinnamon and oranges, and the time we put all of the lights out.

Willow Tree Figurines can perfectly match any of your Christmas designs, whether you’re trying to create a nativity scene or you’re just searching for a perfect figurine for a Christmas display.

We hope these Willow Tree Figurines inspired you. If you have a pretty shelfie or any other kind of a cute display that includes our lovely Willow Tree Figurines, please tag us in a picture on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

When you're in search for a new figurine, for yourself or for a gift, have a look at our selection. We're sure you'll find that special moment caught in willow.