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Make Your Scented Candles Last Longer With These Tips

on September 07, 2021

It is rightly said that scented candles are perfect to 'de-stress your mind and body from the moment you light them. They are perfect for your ‘me time'; the time where you just want to relax and stay away from all the stress in your life. 

At Clintons, we understand the importance of the said break and for that very reason, we have a range of Yankee candle options on our website to choose from. 

However, it is nothing new that if not used properly, candles can burn out with a certain amount of wax left behind. Here the question of ‘how to make a candle burn longer’ is naturally going to be on your mind.

That said, there are certain ways and ideas that you can use to improve the life of your scented candles. To do this, follow the simple tips mentioned below. 

1. Use the Right Kind of Candle

how to make a candle burn longer; A 'rice milk and honey'  scented Yankee Candle.

It is extremely important that you choose the right candle because its life mainly depends on its wax, wick and the material used to make this wick. 

To elaborate, bigger candles need more wicks whereas for smaller candles, it's vice versa. This is because in a larger candle, there are chances of hollowing if there is just one wick. 

However, in a candle with more wicks, the wax area that burns gets distributed and thus the candle starts burning equally. 

Moreover, you should buy candles that have cotton wicks because this kind doesn’t require you to trim it often. You can, of course, trim the other kinds of wicks but it is preferable to buy a candle with the cotton one. 

2. Place It In the Right Spot

how to make a candle burn longer; A woman, with both hands, holding a scented candle with two wicks.

Candles are a showstopper decorative element; perfect for living rooms and entertainment spaces. However, if you place them on a side table with an uneven surface, it can be extremely dangerous and reduce the life of your candle. 

Thus, it is advisable that you place your burning candles on even surfaces and away from the drafts. 

3. Use It for the Right Amount of Time

A 'pineapple lemon coconut' scented candle.

Based on certain experiments and research, the ideal amount of time that a candle should be burned each time shouldn’t be more than 4 hours. If you do attempt to burn it longer than that, your candle might lose its fragrance faster. 

A good step to follow, if you are new to scented candles, is to burn it for as long as an even pool of wax is formed around the wick.

That said, burning your candle like this will create something known as a memory ring rather than something known as tunnelling. Memory rings are basically formed when your candles burn evenly

So try these simple methods and enjoy the scent of your candle for a longer time! 

4. Ensure Proper Room Ventilation

how to make a candle burn longer; A 'rose hibiscus' scented Yankee candle.

Yes, you do not want your candle anywhere near drafty windows or fans, but having a well-ventilated room allows the scent to spread. 

This is because the fresh air from the window allows good ventilation and circulation. This circulation further helps the fragrance to travel in every corner of the room, making it an ideal place that you might have desired in the first place. 

5. Use the Hot Water Trick

how to make a candle burn longer; A 'cherry blossom; scented Yankee candle.

Your candle’s wick-burning completely and the wax residual left at the bottom of the jar - this is a normal thing to happen. In this case, you can try the famous hot water trick. 

You simply have to pour hot water into the jar and let the residue wax at the bottom melt. Once that happens, this wax will float on the top in a disc shape. You can pull this disc out and place it in a new candle, of course, while threading the wick through. 

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With this short guide, you can easily learn how to make a candle burn longer. 

At Clintons’, we understand that the products you buy should serve their purpose before they eventually wear out. Therefore, we offer you the best quality Yankee candles along with other products like tea lights, car fragrances and diffusers that ensure to satisfy your expectations. 

Once our gift experts deliver these products to you, you are responsible for their maintenance and by following these simple tips, you can do that with ease. 

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