The Ultimate Guide on How To Plan Your Kid's Birthday Party

on September 27, 2022

There’s nothing more exciting for a kid than his birthday party. It’s one of those days when they feel special and look forward to having a great time. Naturally, with this brings the pressure to make their party one to remember, we all know how honest they can be! 

It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to prepare for a birthday party, especially if you don’t have anything planned.

When planning a birthday party at home, it’s easy forget what can make the event better. To ensure this doesn’t happen, we’ve made the ultimate guide on how to plan a kid’s birthday party to make their day special. 

Let’s get started!


1. Choose a Theme

birthday party planner; kids in superhero costumes

The first step toward planning a birthday party for kids is to pick a unique theme. While this may not be an obligation, we recommend it to make the party more unique and it should be something that catches your child’s interest. 

The first step toward choosing a theme is to think about the kid’s favourite show or activity. You can also look at their favourite places to go or characters that they love. 

After picking a birthday theme, it becomes easier to pick accessories and decorations. For instance, if you opt for a Disney theme, you could choose from a wide selection of Disney accessories that you can use for the party. 


2. Making a Guest List and Inviting People

how to prepare for a birthday party; an empty guest list

After choosing a theme, you need to determine the size of your party. This includes determining the number of guests and sending invitations. The best way to make a guest list is to create a budget and decide how many people you can invite. 

After that, pick your first guests, which will include close friends and family. If you can fit more people in, don’t hesitate to call other people. It should be noted that some parties may involve friends only or family exclusively.

Therefore, it’s important to decide the type of party you want to throw before making a guest list. After you’re ready, you can visit Clintons to purchase invitation cards to give to your guests. 


3. Make or Order Food

birthday party at home; a line of cupcakes

The next step is to choose which food you want to make or order from a restaurant. While this may sound simple, you need to keep in mind any possible allergies and dietary restrictions of other children.

It’s better to contact the kids’ parents and ask them about any diet restrictions. For instance, if you choose something like macaroni pasta, ask parents if their child can have dairy or other ingredients found in the dish.

If they say no, make sure to ask them what their child would prefer to eat instead. Asking this ensures that everyone can safely eat their food and not feel left out. 


4. Purchase Decor and Party Accessories

planning a kids birthday party; a bunch of balloons on the roof

If you choose to have a party at a rented venue, they could decorate the area for you. However, if you’re having your party at home, you need to purchase decor and party decorations yourself. 

You can purchase birthday party decorations and accessories from Clintons. This includes balloons, banners and other beautiful decorations you need for an amazing birthday party. 

You can also choose to make some of your decorations to help you get creative with your theme. We can help by providing you with a wide range of accessories that suit your theme. All you need to do is visit our online store and search for the theme you’re looking to feature at the party.  


5. Make Some Fun Games for Your Guests

birthday party at home; kids having a pillowfight

When you’re organising an entertaining birthday party, you need to come up with some fun games to play. There are several games you can pick, but make sure to choose activities that are suited to the children. 

After you decide on the games, make sure you take care of the kids while they play these games to ensure no one gets hurt. 


Organise the Best Birthday Party for Your Kids with Clintons

Now that we’ve looked in-depth at how to plan a kid's birthday party, it’s time to take action. At Clintons, you can find birthday cards, gifts, decorations and more to make your kid’s party one to remember. 

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