3 Types Of Liquors That Make Every Celebration Better

on October 12, 2021

Everyone has a different opinion, be it clothing, cooking traditional family recipes or even drinking patterns, everyone has their own way to go about it.

That said, it brings us to the natural conclusion that everyone has their own view on the type of alcohol and cocktails that they make for every occasion.

Considering that, we at Clintons, have come up with a list of incredible Henstone liquors that will suit each individual's preferences; not to mention, help them bring people together while adding more life to the overall spirit of celebration!

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the categories of alcohols and spirits that you can try for every celebration!

1. Gin 

Henstone - London Dry Gin 

The most notable feature of this gin is that the botanicals present in the liquid release their flavour in oils that swivel in your mouth, giving you quite the drinking experience! 

What’s more, the botanicals are the main reason behind the taste of this drink and are made of juniper, coriander, angel's wreath, cardamom, orris root and citrus fruit - making this liquor a must-have in every celebration.

One of the best ways to serve this drink is by adding a tonic. This is because the oils from the botanicals are released and you can see this gin louche in the dilution process.

A flagship product of Henstone’s, this liquor has won three awards, namely - Best in Britain 2020, London Dry Gin - Winner and Traditional Gin - Winner. Needless to say, such a positively reviewed product is bound to top our list of incredible Henstone liquors for this festive season!

Henstone - Oak-Aged Rosé Gin

This gin is an aged London Dry Gin distilled by Henstone with a blend of traditional botanicals. 

However, what makes us add it to this list is the fact that this gin needs to be matured and this procedure takes place in new American oak casks at 65% before bottling. Eventually, it tastes of subtle vanilla and turns out to be a light golden hue. 

The bottling ABV is 44.9%, making it the perfect and sophisticated gift addition for any and every occasion

Henstone - Navy Extra Strength Gin 

Navy Extra Strength Gin is one of the more traditional products; the traditions of being an original gin by being above 57%. 

This simply means you can have the delicious taste of that extra incredible Henstone liquor strength in your cocktails. Moreover, it is distilled by Henstone itself, with traditional botanicals paired with their hops and their own barley spirit.

Lastly, it looks like a traditional pink liquid in a clear glass and tastes best when served with ice, a chunk of pink grapefruit and either Mediterranean or Aromatic Tonic. 

2. Vodka and Brandy 

Henstone - Charcoal Filtered Vodka 

A Henstone speciality, the Charcoal Filtered Vodka is distilled on a base made by mixing wheat and their own barely spirit. After the base is ready, it is charcoal filtered to give that smooth taste for a rich drinking experience. 

Drink this as a shot at home, with ice or use it as a base of a classic vodka cocktail - the choice is yours! 

Having said that, what makes this vodka so special is the fact that it has been a popular choice amongst consumers; it won a Gold Medal in the London Spirits Competition 2021!

Henstone - Distillery Nonpareil Brandy

Nonpareil - whose name has been derived from ‘Sweeney Nonpareil’ which is another name for a native Shropshire apple that almost became extinct in the 1970s.

That said, naturally, this apple brandy tastes like one of the varieties of local apples that Henstone processes to make the cider. 

It is best served neat as a digestif while it also tastes amazing when mixed with lemon juice, sugar syrup and sparkling wine to give you the classic Nonpareil ‘75.

No matter how you prefer drinking this liquor, make sure it’s a part of your celebration - it won’t disappoint!

3. Whiskey 

Henstone - Single Malt Whisky

Henstone keeps their process traditional to give its customers a soulful experience while drinking. Simply put, they ensure that the Malt Whiskey matures in wood (casks, barrels, etc.) for at least three years, as it’s supposed to, in order for it to be called whisky.

Not only that, they strictly have batches for that said period, and as soon as this whiskey matures, they go out of stock - so make sure you’re ordering when it’s available. 

Henstone - Old Dog Corn Liquor

Henstone calls this liquor their version of ‘equivalent Bourbon’. It’s produced by mashing corn, wheat and barley which is then fermented and matured later for eight months. 

As for the name, ‘old dog’ comes from a local mine shaft and ‘corn liquor’ describes the ingredients of the bottle!  

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