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5 Kenji Gifts That Work As Great Presents for Everyone

on August 02, 2022

Kenji, as a leading company of stationery, toys and home accessories, is known to bring a dash of modern Asian culture with a British twist. With products like plushies, notebooks, tech and other accessories, it brings a quirky, adorable vibe to everyday items.

All Kenji products are uniquely designed, and inspired by well-loved Asian characters like piglets, Shiba pups, dinos and sloths.

One of the greatest advantages of Kenji products is that while they are basic everyday items, they also make for wonderful gifts. 

Let us explore the best Kenji items available at Clinton’s that can double as wonderful gifts. 

5 Of Our Favourite Picks for Best Kenji Gifts

Kenji Plushies

Kenji Piglet

Stuffed animals or plushies are great gifts for adults as well as children. Known to bring a sense of comfort and joy, plushies are often referred to as “comfort objects”. They are regularly used during periods of loneliness, grief or trauma, and can be very helpful.

Considering that they provide comfort to their owners, plushies can also double as great mental health tools. 

Kenji plushies embody quality and comfort, making them a brilliant gift option for anyone.

Kenji Notebooks 


Kenji Purple Notebook


Kenji’s diverse collection of notebooks includes beautifully illustrated notebooks that are available in different varieties and sizes. With popular figures like cats, bunnies, ducks,. Kenji notebooks have bought a new meaning to the word “adorable” to these everyday stationery items

These notebooks are useful for everyone, no matter their age - from children who need to take notes at school to adults enjoying journaling. This is why they are one of our favourite Kenji gift options for your friends and family. 

Kenji Socks 


Kenji Green Socks


Kenji offers a vast collection of comfortable soft socks available in fun and preppy designs. From sushi, to avocados to animal prints, you will find a variety of options to suit everyone. 

Kenji socks are made from high quality material that will maximise comfort and last for a long time, despite regular use. This makes it a great gift option for your loved ones. 

Kenji Pins 

Kenji pins

Inspired from the Kenji Land range, these pins can spruce up the look of your bags and denims. They come in a variety of styles and are designed after various animals like the Lucky Cat as well as objects like stars and fruits.

A pin can be a great birthday gift as it is not only affordable but also looks great. Kenji provides a wide range of options to choose from, however, you could also choose to pair one set with a few others. 

These amazing pins are the perfect gifts, especially for school or university students.

Kenji Keyrings

Kenji Keyring

Keyrings may sound like simple, basic objects but can be a thoughtful gift for someone. A good, high quality keyring can make your everyday, routine tasks easier.

Keyrings can also carry special messages as reminders that can stay with you wherever you go. Kenji keyrings offer a wide range of premium keyrings that have been designed after popular characters like Polly, Rocket, Dorothy, etc.

They make for easy, last minute Kenji gifts that are guaranteed to bring joy to whoever receives them. 

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When it comes to gifting, it's important to consider the likes/dislikes of the person receiving your gift, including what might be useful in the long run. This is why, Clintons offers Kenji products along with a wide variety of other gift items to suit your needs.

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