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6 Thoughtful Gifts to Thank Our Nation’s Frontline Heroes

on June 15, 2021

It’s been more than a year since the first lockdown started and ever since, our healthcare workers have been at the forefront, working tirelessly to protect the people.

Thoughtful Gifts for Frontline Heroes; doctor holding a patient's hand

Whilst our nation’s population is being vaccinated and the situation is improving, our hospital workers, doctors and nurses are still on the front line round the clock. It is therefore important for us to show our appreciation as an ode to their unwavering assistance!

From sending them healthcare appreciation gifts to promoting self-care and mental health awareness, a simple act of kindness could go a long way.

However, it doesn’t matter what gift you give them. The one thing that’s absolutely going to bring a smile on their face is your appreciation and acknowledgement of their hard work.

At Clintons, we’ve put together a list of thoughtful gifts for frontline heroes to show them how much their efforts are truly appreciated.

Let’s take a look!

1. A Yankee Small Jar 3 Votive Giftset

Containing a set of three scented votive candles, including Tropical Starfruit, Moonlit Cove, Bora Bora Shores and The Last Paradise, this gift set makes for an incredible present for our frontline heroes.

Thoughtful Gifts for Frontline Heroes; Clintons' Small Jar 3 Votive Giftset

Not only will it help them disconnect from the everyday monotony of life but also transport them to their very own exotic paradise. What’s more, since these scented candles are packed with tropical fragrances, they help you explore a world of sheer natural beauty!

Beautifully packed in a keepsake box, this votive candle giftset offers a burn time of up to 15 hours.

Click here to explore our collection of exotic Yankee Candles.

2. A Vibrant and Sturdy Tote Bag

Yet another thoughtful gift for frontline sheroes, this Pamela Top Lass tote bag is sure to bring a smile on their face.

Clintons' Pamela Tote bag

Since this bag comes with a motivating message - “She Needed A Hero So That’s What She Became” - it’ll definitely encourage our healthcare workers while making them feel appreciated.

Made of strong material and woven handles, this tote bag is not only sturdy but can also be folded into a compact pouch.

For more such vibrant tote bags, check out our collection today.

3. A Washable Face Mask

Sure, face masks are one thing that they already have but it still makes for one of the most thoughtful gifts for frontline heroes. 

Thoughtful Gifts for Frontline Heroes; Clintons Non-PPR Face Mask

After all, in the current situation, you cannot have enough face masks.

While you could get a personalised mask with their name or a specific phrase on it, why not browse through our incredible collection of face masks that are available in various prints and designs?

Visit our website and place your order today!

4. An ‘I am Proud of You’ Skin Care Box

Skincare is important for all of us, but more so for our healthcare workers because of the amount of protective gear they need to wear throughout the day.

Gifting them a skincare box can be the best way to show them that you truly appreciate their dedication while also letting them know that you care.

Clintons' Cute Cat with Thank You Note Card

That said, why not give them a box that includes a ‘Fluffy Towels’ Yankee candle, lavender essential oil, handmade soaking salts packed with mineral-rich Himalayan salts, a calming tea blend and personalised ‘thank you’ card with a special message?

To make this gift more beautiful, you could either choose from our selection of gift boxes or use one of our wrapping papers and top it off with a satin ribbon!

5. A Food Gift Card

After a long shift at work, cooking is perhaps the last thing our healthcare workers would want to do.

One of the most thoughtful gifts for frontline heroes we offer would be a food gift card that spares them some time from scrubbing pans, not to mention their daily trips to the grocery store.

Moreover, with these gift cards, they’ll also have the opportunity to order from one of their favourite eateries.

6. A Box of Chocolates and Sweet Treats

Everybody needs to eat.

Clintons' box of Mr. Strong Jelly Eggs

Sure, our healthcare workers won’t always have the time to cook food but they can absolutely do with a few chocolates and sweet treats that they can munch on. Additionally, sending food and sweet treats as appreciation gifts for healthcare workers has been trending for a while now and you can never go wrong with chocolates!

For starters, you can send them a box of Mr Strong Jelly Eggs, reminding them to always stay strong.

Order Thoughtful Gifts for Frontline Heroes from Clintons Today!

Send one or all of these gifts to our nation’s frontline workers and let them know how much you appreciate them and their hard work.For more such gift ideas, visit our website today!