5 Essential Tips For Wording Wedding RSVP Cards

on August 30, 2022

Weddings are an occasion of joy; exciting, but equally stressful. From wedding dresses to the caterers, you have to make sure everything is in order. 

A crucial part of wedding planning is sending out your wedding invitations. Ensuring that your wedding invites are worded perfectly will help set the tone for your wedding day, and it will also save you from chasing your guests down for an RSVP.

However, it can be difficult deciding what to include on wedding RSVP cards. You may be stuck for hours trying to fit in all the important details. This is why, to help you out, we have come up with a few tips that will help you word your wedding RSVP cards. 

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5 Tips For Wording Wedding RSVP Cards

1. Begin With A Request Line

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It's always a good idea to begin your wedding rsvp cards with a request line. The way you word this part will set the tone for the rest of your message. The request line is a line that formally requests your guests to reply to you.

The language and tone used to phrase this line is important. If your wedding is on the traditional side, you should use more formal language, like “We request you for a favour of your response”. 

If your wedding is not too traditional, you can go with a more casual phrase like, “Please respond by” or “Kindly respond”. 

2. Include A Deadline

wording wedding rsvp cards, wedding card

It is crucial for you to include a deadline for your RSVP cards or you will never have a final guest list. There are plenty of factors that go into setting a deadline for your RSVPs.

It is usually a good idea to check with your suppliers and wedding venue. They require a final headcount some time before the wedding. Based on those dates, you can plan to give yourself a few weeks to confirm with those who haven’t responded. 

You should also remember to be considerate when setting the deadline on your wedding RSVP cards. Your guests would need time to shift things in their schedule, so give them ample time to respond back. 

3. Name Lines

wording wedding rsvp cards, wedding announcement card

Sending out your wedding RSVP cards without a name line can make things incredibly difficult for you. Without a name line, you will receive your responses without knowing exactly who has responded. 

If you want to stick to the traditional style, you could simply add a dotted line after “Mr/Mrs/Ms” where your guests can note down their names. However, if you are open to being more informal and casual, a simple “Name” before the dotted line works too.

4. Response Options

wording wedding rsvp cards, wedding food menu

Wording wedding RSVP cards can be fairly simple if you know exactly what you want to include in them. However, many people crowd their response options unnecessarily. A good tip is to keep it fairly simple and add boxes where guests can tick mark their response.

If you want information on how many people will be attending, you could use a “number attending” line. This is also the right place to include your guests’ meal choices.

5. Extra Space for Guests

wording wedding rsvp cards, wedding party

 After you have gotten all the important details down, you could include some extra space for your guests. They could use this space to leave in some special notes or some suggestions that can make the wedding day fun.

Some brides and grooms prefer to leave some space where their guests can put in some song requests. It is a fun opportunity for your guests to get involved and have fun on the wedding day. 

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