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5 Favourite Christmas Gifts for Kids

on November 15, 2022

With Christmas now well on its way, it’s the right time to start the most important task of the holidays—buying Christmas gifts for kids.

Whilst some of us are holding out, telling ourselves it’s still too early to start, we suggest getting the best kids Christmas gifts now, before it’s too late and all the good ones are gone!

Although plenty of us are guilty of leaving it all to the last minute, I’m sure we can all relate to the drama of that last minute Christmas rush, and not finding what you originally wanted!

Moreover, you also need to make sure that you buy something that is not only perfect for the kids (no matter their age!), but that will also last for a long time. Quality is everything, and you want something that’s going to last.

We’re excited to showcase our favourite Christmas gifts for kids of 2022, hand picked to surprise the little ones this Christmas.

1. Adorable Christmas Pudding Bear

Adorable Christmas Pudding Bear

If you’re looking for an adorable soft toy as a cuddly surprise for Christmas Day, then this comes on top of our best Christmas gifts.

With super soft fur and cutely grumpy expression, the Flipmallow Dragon Unicorn plushie has adorable little wings and is perfect for kids of all ages.

That said, if Dragons aren’t your kids’ thing, you should take a look at our full adorable range of Squishmallows soft toys to make their Christmas Day special.

2. Personalised Christmas Storybook for Boys and Girls

Personalised Christmas Storybook for Boys and Girls

If you’re looking for personalised, this is one of our top gifts to create a memorable Christmas experience. Not only an amazing present, give them something they can treasure forever and can become a staple of future Christmasses.

A personalised Christmas storybook, featuring your child as the main character, is something you and your child will remember and cherish. 

With dozens of names to choose from, surprise them with their very own personalised storybook this Christmas.

3. Kenji Yabu Penguin—Blue

Kenji Yabu Penguin—Blue

Brought to you by Kenji, the Yabu penguin plushie is one of our favourite Kenji’s and the perfect charming Christmas gift for your little one—giving them an instant best friend.

This super soft plushie is the cutest penguin on the planet, wrapped in a blue costume and staring at you with incredibly innocent eyes. 

Suitable for all ages, our Kenji plushies are a great way to celebrate Christmas this year.

4. Kenji Sumoto Socks—Whales

Kenji Sumoto Socks—Whales

These sweet little Kenji Sumoto socks are a cute and cosy way to keep your kids warm on a cold Christmas morning. 

With great patterns, the Kenji Sumoto socks offer you a wide range of options to choose from. There really is something for everyone. 

Suitable for ages three and above, this comfy gift is something you can present individually or alongside a few other Christmas gifts.

5. Kenji Ginza Notebook—Tiny-K Bunny, Pink S

Kenji Ginza Notebook—Tiny-K Bunny, Pink S

Ending our list of the best Christmas gifts for kids is the Kenji Ginza notebook with a tiny pink bunny.

The perfect stocking filler, you’ll find them available in a wide variety of colours and patterns. Pick the most appropriate Christmas presents from our collection of Kenji notebooks and products.

Order our amazing kids’ Christmas gifts now and have them delivered directly to your door, ready for Christmas!

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Now that you have our list of the most amazing Christmas gift ideas for kids, it’s time to visit our Christmas gifts page and place your order for the big day.

While these are some of our top picks, if you wish to explore our full range of Christmas presents, you can visit our Christmas collections to learn more.

What’s more, along with a wide range of Christmas gifts, we also offer the most amazing Christmas cards, decorations, gift wraps, and so much more.