Our Top 8 Gift Wrapping Ideas to Make Your Presents Look Artistic

on September 28, 2021

Be it birthdays, engagements or wedding anniversaries - every occasion is all about making your loved ones feel special, a well-wrapped present is a cherry on the cake needed to add to the excitement!

At Clintons, we’ve compiled our list of top eight gift wrapping ideas for your presents and gifts that will make them look too good to open (well, almost!).

1. Don’t Skip the Ribbons and Bows

Looking for a simple, but highly creative addition to standard wrapping paper? This is where the art of ribbon tying can come to your rescue and help you add that personalised touch to your gifts.

However, if tying your own bow seems a bit daunting, make sure to check out our selection of stick-on bows to complete your ribbon.

They’ll never know the difference!

2. Use a Keepsake Box

Rather than wrapping all your gifts individually, why not use the “Russian Doll trick” and surprise your loved ones with a present that keeps on giving - quite literally!

By adding a selection of smaller gifts inside your keepsake box alongside a personalised photo frame, you can create the perfect personal gift. Moreover, by presenting all your gifts in a box, you’re not only saving on wrapping, but your loved one has a personalised keepsake to hold on to.

Make sure to check out our selection of gift wrap for more such gift wrapping ideas!

3. Go for Buttons and Lettering

For the ultimate in adorable wrapping, why not add some personalised Scrabble style lettering to your wrapping paper or glue on some stylish buttons?

This is a great way to subtly go the extra mile in making your gift wrap extra special, without having to go overboard.

4. Add a Photo Gift Tag

If you’re looking for something more personal than a luxury gift tag, why not consider a personalised photographic tag for your present?

This is also one of the best DIY gift wrapping ideas where you simply print out a picture of you, your gift recipient or the both of you and glue some backing card to it to add some thickness. 

Cut your tag into the desired shape, punch a hole for the ribbon and voila - your very own personalised gift tag.

P.S. - Don’t forget to add your message to the back!

5. Bring Nature Into Your Wrapping

Create beautiful 3D accents to your wrapping by adding natural elements such as pine cones, flowers and fir sprigs to your gift. This works even better around the Holidays and really shows an extra level of effort!

We’d recommend giving all your natural additions a good shake before adding them to your gift, to dislodge any critters; but for added effect, why not sprinkle on some festive glitter?

6. “Wrap” Cash in a Balloon

Rather than simply slipping money into a card, why not liven up the experience and carefully slot your cash gift into a balloon? 

This works even better in a helium balloon, especially when filled with glitter and confetti so that on “unwrapping” their gift your recipient is showered in celebratory cheer (although we recommend doing this one outside!).

For a range of the best balloons to use as gift wrapping ideas, take a look at our balloon selection!

7. Work Your Magic with Crayons

Who knew you could get creative with melted crayons and use them to create stunning gift wraps?

Fortunately for you all, the team at Clintons are well aware of the magic that can be weaved through this idea and we’re therefore sharing the same with you through this blog.

For this, all you need is a few crayons of your favourite colour, a few paper bags and a free afternoon where you can work on wrapping your presents.

To learn more ways of wrapping gifts, give this blog a read!

8. Go All Glitzy with Glitter Gift Boxes

Another one of our incredible gift wrapping ideas is going all glitzy with glitter gift boxes.

Sure, there’s no doubt that we aren’t the only ones who’re enchanted by the looks of a sparkling box; but what makes it the best idea is that even those who’re DIY-challenged can nail it. 

All that you need is light glitter and some glue, and you’re all set to put this box together for your amazing presents.

If you don’t want to take up the DIY route, you could simply browse through our collection of gift boxes and choose something like our rose gold glitter and stars box.

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