4 Unique Types Of Christmas Candles That Enhance Every Home's Ambience

on October 05, 2021

Christmas is the time when families get together, celebrate and rejoice. The streets are decorated with lights and Christmas decor, while the houses smell of mince pies and are filled with the sounds of children singing. 

Such festivities make you feel alive and it’s only fair that you spare no details to make it your celebration of the year

At Clintons, we can help you meet your needs this festive season and therefore have put together our Christmas collection. Ranging from an array of Christmas-themed cards and gifts to party decor like Christmas candles and tableware, we have it all.

However, in today’s blog, we’ll be focusing on our incredible collection of Christmas candles and how you can use them in your Christmas decor to spread the festive cheer!

That said, here’s a list of unique types of Christmas candles that you might need to decorate your house this festive season

1. Yankee Candle - Woodwick Ellipse Fruits Of Summer

This Yankee candle sits perfectly well with the celebration spirit because of a sole reason - the wooden wick. 

It counts as a luxury item; perfect for creating a poised ambience in your home this Christmas when burned the wooden wick crackles. This crackling adds to the theme of the festival, as everything is twinkling around you with children waiting for their Christmas miracles to happen.

Additionally, this Yankee candle is a multi-sensory experience for you and your family. Not only that, but it also helps add to the room as the wax is placed in a stylish hourglass and ellipse-shaped candle.

2. Yankee Candle - Holiday Hearth

When you burn the Holiday Hearth Yankee Candle, you will be instantly reminded of that cosy feeling - thanks to its warm, sweet and spicy fragrance. 

It is, as the name suggests, designed specifically for holidays and can be kept beside the fireplace to create that much needed festive ambience in your home.

When it comes to this candle, the moment you burn it, it releases the initial scent of anise, cinnamon and clove, giving way to the main fragrance of Gardenia, Cedarwood and Oakmoss. Eventually, you can sense the smell of warm musk and vanilla cream. 

To top that, it is 100 percent recyclable, meaning you are giving back to nature while taking some for yourself! 

Order this scent from our website today!

3. Yankee Candle - Singing Carols 

Our Yankee Candle - Singing Carols comes in medium jars for the convenience of storage. They are specially made for Christmas and helps you keep the festive spirit alive on that very day. 

The moment you light this candle, you start smelling the freshness of eucalyptus from the burning wax and as time passes, you will be immersed in the smell of fir needle, juniper and clove. This combination is sure to liven up your home and make you feel festive and relaxed at the same time. 

Eventually, you will smell the signature smell of Yankee Candles - the scent of pine, cedarwood and blackberry that’s there in the burning wax. 

The bottom line is that this candle is the complete package not just for Christmas, but whenever there is a need to liven up your space.  

4. Candle Gift Sets 

With so many varieties of scented candles available on the market, naturally, you are bound to feel overwhelmed. This is why the expert curators at Clintons’ have given you options to buy a set of candles, placed in a single packaging that complements each other.

We have quite a few options, depending on your budget; you can choose anything from Illuminate 3 Votive & Holder Gift Set, 7oz Frosted Illuminate Jar Two Votive Candle Gift Set, Yankee Wow Gift Set, Yankee 1 Small Jar And 3 Votives Giftset, Yankee 3 Votives 1 Holder Gift Set and so on. 

Order Christmas Candles from Clintons Today

If you wish to modernise your Christmas decorations this year, you should consider adding a few burning scented candles to your home during the festivities. 

This is because, lately, candles have become an integral part of the decoration; after all, it is all about setting the right mood for your celebration! 

Additionally, if you’re choosing customised scents rather than normal candles for your decorations, consider getting the scent of natural Christmas trees. That way, your close friends and family will feel full, not just by indulging in the delicious food, but also by the overall ambience and experience that you will be giving them this Christmas! 

That said, Christmas is around the corner, so why wait? 

Visit Clinton’s website to place orders for your Christmas candles today!