4 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas For The Newlywed Couple

on July 27, 2021

 Unique wedding gift ideas; a couple placing their hands on top of each others, over a bouquet

Whether you stick to the wedding registry list or opt for something unique and personalised, wedding gifts are always thoughtful and unforgettable.

Many of us try our best to find something unique for the newlyweds but may struggle to narrow down the options as there are too many incredible and unique wedding gift ideas.

If this dilemma is something you’re facing as well, you’ve come to the right place. At Clintons, we have the perfect gifts and cards for every occasion, including weddings. From heart-warming cards to stunning gifts, our wedding collection includes unique gift ideas that you could consider for newlyweds. 

Let’s take a look at our top gifts in the list below.

1. A Heart Tokens Message Box

Unique wedding gift ideas; Clintons Heart Tokens Message Box

A box full of wishes and thoughtful messages is the perfect wedding gift idea for every newlywed couple. This means, our Heart Tokens Message Box is a unique wedding gift that you can definitely add to your list. 

Whether you’re family, a close friend or a relative, you can place this box at the entrance of the venue and encourage all the guests to write a message, for the newlyweds, and drop it in the box.

At the end of the ceremony, you can keep the box safely with you and then give it to the newlyweds whenever you find the right time. This present is something that they will always cherish and remember over the years; it is without a doubt one of the most thoughtful wedding gifts.

2. A Photo Frame With Your Favourite Picture Of Them

Unique wedding gift ideas; Clintons Always Forever Wedding Collage Photo Frame

Gifting a photo frame as a wedding gift for newlyweds isn’t exactly a ground-breaking idea. However, picture frames are indeed a popular gift that is always well received. 

If this is something you’re considering, why not take it up a notch and add a picture of the newlywed couple that you love inside the frame? This makes the wedding gift all the more memorable and special.

Our Silver Gem Floral, Gold Embossed and Silver Mirror frames are some of the perfect options for every couple. You can also consider our Silver floating, Oyster Pearl, White Enamel, and Always And Forever frames as your unique wedding gift.

With your favourite picture of them in these incredible photo frames, the newlyweds are going to love your wedding gift.

3. Thoughtful Cards For The Newlyweds

Clintons Girl In Dress Wedding Card

When it comes to wedding cards, most guests usually opt for a common card for the couple. However, you can make this more personalised and thoughtful by getting separate cards for the newlyweds.

Since a wedding is an important milestone in their lives, wishing them love and luck on their incredible journey through amazing wedding cards for both is a great idea. Our Girl in Dress, Sparkling Hearts, Happy Couple, and Art Deco cards are a few amazing options that you can consider.

To this, you can add a Yankee Candle set or a box of chocolates to make the gift even more special.

4. A Gift Hamper

Clintons Medium Floral Gift Bag

If you wish to express your immense love and support for the couple by going all out with the wedding gift, why not put together a thoughtful gift basket? With this, you can add all the gifts you want and maybe even decorate it with a nice bow for that special touch to the hamper.

For your hamper, you can add gifts like our Willow Tree Together or Promise figurine, Portmerion Gin Glass Set, a fragrant diffuser and tea light candles, and a Lindor Gift Box

To this, you can add a nice gift tag as the finishing touch for your incredible gift.

Additional Tips And Ideas

Now that you have a few unique wedding gift ideas, you’ll need to consider packaging to present them well. A great idea that always works well is keeping your gift inside a beautiful gift box or bag.

For some gifts, wrapping paper won’t do the trick and the gift may end up looking shabby. In such cases, a colourful bag or elegant box is a great alternative. Additionally, since wedding gifts are always well-wrapped, consider accessories like bows and ribbons to make your gift all the more special.

Lastly, always include a note, card or a tag to the wedding gift to personalise it; the gesture will always be appreciated. 

Nobody likes detached or generic gifts and for a special celebration like a wedding, thoughtful and heartwarming messages can make the day even more special for the newlyweds.

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