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Valentines Gift Guide For All The Men You Love

on January 27, 2021

Looking for a perfect Valentine's Day gift for him?

We know, picking a perfect gift for a man can be quite a challenge, even for the most talented gift-givers.

But we'll tell you a little secret: your husband, partner, boyfriend or lover needs something little, something practical that can remind him of you every day.

You don't need to take a loan to buy a Valentine's Day gift; you just need to pick something from the bottom of your heart. The same rule goes if you don't know what to give your Dad for Valentine's Day.

We made a short list with Valentine's gift ideas for him to get you inspired.

Every gift comes with a kiss and a hug
Photo: freestocks.org, Pexels.com

Valentines Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Don't forget to add a Valentine's Day card for your boyfriend. If you're also unsure what to write there, check out our Valentine's Day message ideas.

  1. Mug, the Classic Gift Idea
    There's a good reason why mugs are a classic gift - because they are a good gift. Going down that lane is just enough to say to your boyfriend: Remember that I love you every day.

    Mug gift for boyfriend
  2. Beer & A Cool Beer Glass
    Men like beer, that's a well-known fact. In a time where a man can't really enjoy a pint in a bar, giving a selection of well-crafted beer to your boyfriend is a great idea.
    Throw in a beer glass that says "Hot stuff", you're giving a gift that says "I know you & I think you're hot".

    Boyfriend gift beer glass
  3. Fav Band/Movie T-Shirt
    What does your boyfriend listen to? Is he really into 21 Pilots or he's a Star Wars fan since he was six? If you know him, you'll probably know his pop culture choices. A fan never gets enough of his favourite T-shirts; this will definitely make him happy.
  4. A Sexy Gift
    Sometimes, a sexy gift is more than enough for a man on Valentine's Day. With a little gift like the Sexy Love Dice, you're saying: Let's get naughty!

    Sexy Dice Valentine's Day gift

  5. A Portable Power Bank
    A portable power bank is a convenient gift. If you add a funny message to it like "A full battery, a full heart" it can do the trick for Valentine's Day.

Valentines Gift for Hubby: Ideas

  1. A Mr Perfect Gift
    Remind your husband he's perfect for you with a Mr Perfect gift. A manly scented soap and body wash is a really nice gift.
    Valentines Gift Ideas For Him - Body Wasd

  2. A Nice New Wallet
    A man usually buys a new wallet when the old one starts to fall in pieces. If your husband is one of them, a nice new leather wallet could be a perfect gift for Valentine's Day.
    Write a funny line on your husband's Valentine's Day Card to complete the gift: "The wallet is empty, but the bathtub isn't."
  3. Favorit Dinner & Big Desert
    The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. You have heard this saying, and it's not entirely untrue. You can't say that someone will fall in love with a woman because of her cooking (or the other way around), but many people appreciate a good, homecooked meal.

    Cooking with love for someone you love tastes completely different from when you cook without that secret ingredient.
  4. A House Robe
    After a year marked with working from home, if your husband doesn't have a house robe, it is the final hour that he gets one. Having a classy piece of homeware, it's a nice, comfy gift.
  5. Boxer shorts
    Boxer shorts for Valentine's Day are a gift for your husband but also, a gift for you. Buying underwear as a present is also an invitation.

    Whatever you buy, don't forget a Valentine's Day greeting card for your husband.

What to Give Your Dad for Valentine's Day?

It's not mandatory to gift your Dad for Valentine's; a greeting card is usually enough.
But, if you want to add a gift to your Dad's Valentine's Day Card, you can.

Keep it really simple and stick to that little gifts like keyrings, classic socks or a box of chocolate.

Whatever you choose, have a happy Valentine's Day. We all need more love this year!