Valentine’s Gift Wrapping: 3 Unique Ideas for Your Inspiration

on February 08, 2022

The anticipation of whether your beloved will like the gift you chose for them is one thing, but you shouldn’t underestimate the potential that gift wrapping has. 

We think half the battle is won by the mere look and presentation of your gift; similar to the power that handwritten cards have over printed messages, we think you should invest a good amount of time decorating your gifts. 

It's the kind of gesture that shows how much you care for your partner. It shows you've put in the effort to make them feel special on Valentine’s Day. 

That said, Clinton's is here for you, doing our usual and assisting you with the valentines wrapping section to support your creative pursuit. 

We’ve created a list of gift wrapping ideas to inspire you, so let’s get started! 

1. Heart Cut Out Gift Wrapping 

Heart-cut-out wrapping paper is a perfect idea for this occasion. By using simple brown paper and a few careful cuts, you can have a simple but stunning looking gift. 

To create this, you'll need a piece of card the same size as a debit card - on it, make a template of a small-sized heart and cut it out. 

Now with a pencil, use this template to trace around your brown wrapping paper. For precision, we suggest using a ruler for accurate spacing. 

Now comes the interesting part, cut one side of the heart from the top to the tip of the bottom. Fold this part and let it be. 

Repeat this process on all hearts and have yourself elegant and beautiful looking valentines wrapping paper. 

2. Hearts Stamps Paper 

An eraser heart stamp gift wrap is probably the most simple yet beautiful gift wrapping idea out there. 

You need very few materials to create this masterpiece. 

Begin by taking a thick piece of paper (red preferably), and an eraser. 

On the eraser, draw a small heart and with the help of a felt tip pen (in your preferred colour), colour in the heart.

You will see a stamp being formed, use it to stamp your way through the thick paper, and create a unique gift wrap to cover your special valentines gift! 

3. Piñata Heart Gift Box 

A piñata heart box is probably one of the most unique DIYs you can try for your special day. 

It isn’t as complicated as it sounds; you need a heart-shaped gift box, tissue paper (red preferably), glue, and scissors! 

Now for the process, begin by cutting long strips of your tissue paper. Take a few strips and cut their fringe, leaving one edge of the strip uncut. 

Once you're ready with enough fringed strips, glue the uncut edge, beginning at the bottom of your heart box. Move up while glueing the rest of the strips until the whole side is filled. 

Now cut the excess along the edges, repeat on the sides, and back of your gift box and voila! You have created a piñata heat gift box that looks completely phenomenal! 

To Wrap Up… 

Valentine’s day is about love, romance, and the celebration of togetherness. It isn’t about spending too much on expensive gifts, but showing that you care. 

This goal can be fulfilled when you put extra care and effort into wrapping your beloved gifts, and that is when this blog can come in handy. 

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