5 Games and Activities Perfect for a Virtual Easter Celebration

on March 24, 2021

Holidays and celebrations are all about spending quality time with family and friends. However, with Easter just around the corner it might be quite different in 2021, so we thought we’d help come up with some alternative plans to keep the Easter festivities fresh and exciting this year!

Whether you’re meeting up with another household for a 6 person garden Easter egg hunt, or having a quiet one in, we at Clintons share our plans for a virtual Easter celebration to make Easter 2021 memorable and fun, no matter the weather. 

Clintons Top Tips for Celebrating Easter Virtually

By now we’ve all become familiar with FaceTime and Zoom as a way to keep in touch with our friends and family and you'll need one, or a similar tool, for a virtual Easter celebration.

For added fun, be sure to check out these amazing Easter backgrounds available on Zoom and get set to party!

1. Virtual Easter Egg Hunt with FaceTime

For many of us, Easter egg hunts are a much loved tradition, especially for those of us with children (although no judgement on the adults for getting stuck in)! A great way to get the whole family involved, even from afar is through FaceTime. Have the grown ups coordinate, hide the eggs both inside and outside in advance, set up the FaceTime call and let the kids go on the hunt. 

Once the search is over, everyone can show off their favourite Easter eggs. If you’re struggling to find a perfect egg, be sure to check out our Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Egg

2. Host an Easter Trivia Challenge

Easter is a time to come together, and what better way to spend time with loved ones than a trivia quiz? We highly recommend Good Housekeeping’s Easter Trivia Quiz. Each household can be divided into a team and as you can imagine - things can get competitive fairly quickly! 

Add some additional creativity to the mix and have each team come up with their own questions, for maximum fun! 

3. Virtual Easter Egg Decoration

Trust us when we say, the little ones absolutely love decorating Easter eggs, and usually the big ones do, too! It’s something fun that everyone, even the parents, can get involved in.

For an extra level of creativity, take a look at the Easter Egg Decoration app and go wild with creativity decorating Easter eggs online as practice for the real thing. Perfect as a gift or as a keepsake. 

We also have a cute decorate your own eggs range that your kids will love. Click here to check it out.

4. Play Easter Charades

If you’re into your charades then this is a must. Whip up an Easter-themed rendition of this popular game and prepare yourself to have a great time. You’ll have no trouble finding free printables online, or you and your friends can make some DIY cards to play the game. 

Laughs are guaranteed as you act out Easter themes over your FaceTime or Zoom call. To really raise the stakes, why not set a prize for the winning team, or forfeits for the losers!  

5. Host an Easter Pun-Off on Zoom

This is a big curve ball, but Easter brings an eggcellent opportunity for us to show off our punny side. Make a game out of it as you crack as many Easter puns as possible while on a FaceTime or Zoom call with your friends or family. 

The rules are simple - each person has to come up with one Easter-related pun at a time, and if someone stalls or repeats a pun, they’re out.

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Lockdowns and social distancing or not, no Easter is complete without a card and a gift to show someone you care.

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Ensure you and your loved ones have a hoppy Easter for 2021!