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4 Ways To Add A Personal Touch To A Wedding Gift

on July 13, 2021
Ways to personalise a wedding gift; two well-wrapped gifts placed on a white round table

A lot of us have received beautifully wrapped gifts that looked so stunning we admired them a little longer than usual before finally opening them. 

That’s how special a personal gift can be, and for a big celebration like a wedding, it becomes all the more sentimental.

This start of a new chapter in life is a milestone that deserves only the best. 

While simple gifts are always good, going the extra mile by finding ways to personalise a wedding gift is something you should consider. Be it with the packaging and wrapping paper or a gift tag with a handwritten note, it is always heartwarming and will never fail to bring a smile to the recipient's face. 

At Clintons, we know just how important wedding gifts are. If you’re looking for ways to personalise a wedding gift, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ve put together a list of ideas that can help you make any gift for the bride or groom all the more special through simple additions and accessories.

Let’s take a look!

Thoughtful Handwritten Notes Or Cards

Ways to personalise a wedding gift; Clintons Daughter And Son In Law Hearts Floral Wreath Card

In our current social-media obsessed world, celebratory wishes have changed to status updates and generic posts over different platforms. 

With digital cards becoming an increasingly common way of wishing people on their wedding, handwritten cards have become a dying art. While these virtual cards are always appreciated, the charm and gesture of a handwritten note or card is simply unparalleled.

One of the best ways to personalise a wedding gift is by attaching a great card or note for the recipient. When receiving a present, the first thing a person does is look for an attached note or card. These thoughtful wishes add a personal touch to every gift and make the recipient feel warm-hearted and elated.

Whether it is for the bride, groom or maybe someone else from the wedding party, cards work well for every relation and are always well-received.

At Clintons, with our vast collection of incredible cards, you can find the perfect wedding card. Be sure to check our collection and order a stunning Clintons card today!

Creative Gift Wrap And Accessories

Clintons Metallic Gold Confetti Gift Bow

While gift wraps and accessories are fairly popular amongst all, they’re usually limited to specific occasions such as birthdays or graduation gifts. However, there’s no limit to these; they can be used for many other happy occasions.

You can add a personal touch to a wedding gift by using creative gift wrap and other accessories. From our blue and gold stripe roll wrap, floral bamboo flatwrap, copper stars roll to a floral and butterflies gold wrap, you have several incredible options to choose from.

To this, a nice bow wrap or swirl ribbon is the perfect way to add finishing touches to the wedding gift. You could also mix it up and try different papers and accessories together for something unique; the possibilities are endless!

Additional Small Gifts

Ways to personalise a wedding gift; Clintons Portmeirion Luxury Champagne Glasses Gift Set

One thing better than receiving a gift, is receiving multiple gifts. After all, everybody loves gifts especially if it’s from someone close to you. You can consider giving the recipient multiple presents as another way of personalising a wedding gift.

If you wish to go all out with the gift, adding other presents can be a much-appreciated personal touch. Whether it is a silver embossed photo frame, a luxury champagne glass set or something simpler like a plush bear soft toy, you can add whatever you think the recipient will like.

Additionally, another great idea you could consider is our fragrant Yankee candles. They serve as the perfect gift for any occasion.

Gift Bags And Boxes

Clintons Extra Large Floral Gift Bag

It is a universally acknowledged fact that some gifts always work better in boxes. While our wrapping papers are beautiful and will enhance any gift, they might not suit all presents.

For example, a mirror photo frame will always be presented better with a gift box like the blue medium or the butterfly floral flat pack. You could also consider adding tissues inside the box to keep the gift safe.

Similarly, with multiple gifts, a gift bag becomes a better choice. Our floral on gold, cake butterfly bling bag or grey with copper circle bag are a few stylish options you could consider.

Although many people usually stop with the gift ribbon and bow, using a gift box shows that you’ve taken the effort to pack the gift well and thereby adds a personal touch to it.

Our floral extra large box and pink with gold box work great for bigger or multiple weddings gifts.

Clintons - Your Ultimate Destination For Wedding Gifts

With our gift wrap, bow, boxes and other accessories, you have many ways to personalise a wedding gift.

Browse through our wedding collection of amazing gifts and cards today and find the perfect choice for your nearest and dearest.