Ways to surprise your other half this Valentine’s Day

on January 24, 2022

The most romantic day of the year is just around the corner! Which means it’s now time to be searching for the perfect card, gift and date night idea. Whilst there are many go-to options when it comes to planning Valentine’s Day, it can be a little tricky thinking outside the box when it comes to romantic gestures.  

So, whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a reluctant participant, we’ve created a list of ideas to show your significant other just how much they mean to you.

Create a playlist of favourite songs

Create a playlist of favourite songs your partner or both of you love. You can stream it or try the old school way and burn it to a CD. Write down in a card or on a piece of paper each song and why you have chosen it. Adding a memory to each song brings nostalgia so you and your partner can reminisce on the moments you’ve had together. Or if you’re feeling musical, why not write your other half a song? It can be as romantic or as funny as you like, either way it’s a special gesture.

Write each other love letters

Writing truly is the best form of expression. What’s more romantic than showing your partner through a letter reasons why you love them? Writing down what you love about your relationship, reminiscing how you met or simply how they make you feel is sure to pull at their heartstrings. Make sure it’s personal to you, whether it’s in a traditional handwritten style or a jar filled with little notes, this romantic gesture is sure to turn into a forever keepsake. 

Reasons why I love you jar

Create a games night or scavenger hunt

Start creating some fun! Why not make a scavenger hunt for your other half to follow? You can use pictures or objects around the house to give clues or even create jigsaw puzzles to be part of it. You could even create a date-night roulette board or selection box! Something as light-hearted as quizzes, games and scavenger hunts gives you both a chance to re-connect. You’ll be having fun and laughing in no time! 

Date for January Card

Give them a bouquet of their favourite things

Surprise them with a bouquet of something special! It doesn’t have to be flowers, why not customize it to something they really love like; beer, sweets, cupcakes or balloons! Get creative and no doubt they will love the extra thought put into this gesture! 

Balloon Bouquet

Say it with food

A fancy restaurant or a dine-in for two might be a good option – but home-cooked food and baked goods can be a great way to the heart!  Whether it’s breakfast in bed, a candlelit dinner, or their favourite sweet treats, your partner will appreciate the effort you’ve gone into making something special. 

Lindt Mini Pralines

Get outdoors

Time for a little adventure! Become a tourist in your own town and try somewhere local that you’ve never been to before. Wander round shops and local landmarks and take some photos to document your day out. Too busy for the outdoors? Buy a map and circle all the places you want to visit together in the future. Or create a timeline of photos of where you’ve been and what you would like to do next.

Or if you prefer to slow down…

For some, just being present in the moment with your other half is enough for Valentine’s Day. Why not watch the sunrise or sunset together whilst on a walk (weather permitting) Wrap up warm, bring a picnic or some champagne and strawberries and just celebrate a quiet moment together. 

Henstone Rose Gin

Home Spa

Bring a little relaxation and unwind in your own home. Buy some facemasks, hand creams and/or bath salts, run a bath and fill the room with candles or mood lighting with some relaxation music. Commit to having a no phone /screen day and you’ll both be feeling zen before you know it! 

Rose petals

Treasure your memories

Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to look back and remember how far you have come as a couple, so treasure your favourite moments in a way that is special to you – whether that’s in a scrapbook, a photo frame or card from Clintons, this day is for celebrating chapters in your own love story. 

I love you photoframe

Whatever your plans are for the big day, we want to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day and if you run out of words to say, remember; Clintons can help you say it best with cards and gifts to suit any kind of relationship.