What to Do on Halloween?

on October 16, 2020

You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t know about Halloween. We all watched hundreds of shows and films that involve fake blood, dressing up as witches and trick or treating.

The image of Halloween we have is an American one. However, the roots of this fun and scary holiday originate from pagan festivals held around the end of October in the UK - people believed that it's a day when the dead rise and walk among the living.

These days, the last day of October is a fun day for everyone that wants to turn scary into something fun. It’s all about Halloween activities like pumpkin carving and making a spooky costume.

It seems that trick-or-treating isn't going to be a thing this year (2020. we just want to forget you) but there are many other Halloween activities you can do to do make it fun.

What to Do on Halloween? Decorate!

To get into the spirit of Halloween season, start by setting the mood. You’re probably at home most of the time - make it more fun!

Even if you're having a small party at home, relax with decorating your place. It's fun!
Photo: Thanakorn Phanthura, Pexels

Go all out by decorating with traditional Jacko lantern pumpkins, crawling spiders, and fake webs. Kick things up a notch by adding faux skeletons, little devils, ghosts, ghouls, or coffins. Mark that Halloween 2020 date in your calendar with a witch sticker to remind you to unleash your creative juices.

Most of all, don’t forget your costume! These unique character designs are not just for kids. As an adult, this is the perfect time to play dress-up without anyone raising an eyebrow. Pick a favourite character and get into the persona. While wearing your fun getup, supervise Halloween activities for both kids and adults.

Halloween Games For Kids

If you're thinking about what to do for Halloween to keep the kids entertained, there are many fun stuff you can set up. Take them on a pirate treasure hunt and look for buried treasure in the yard.

Halloween 2020. is skipping the trick-or-treating activity on a global scale. Focus on pumpkin carving this year.
Photo: Conner Baker, Unsplash

For young ones, you can try the classic pin the ugly nose on the witch. This is a variation of pin the tail on the donkey game where the contestants are wearing blindfolds, and the one who can pin the best position wins a prize.

Though you may be tempted to include the traditional apple bobbing game - don't. Catching apples with teeth in a bucket of water with lots of people just doesn’t sound right now.

But fret not because there are many other Halloween games for kids. You can set up a make your own Jacko lantern, wrap a tissue paper mummy (maybe you got some TP stashed), or a spider race with faux insects.

Now that the Halloween date is fast approaching, don’t forget to do early supply shopping to ensure you get everything you need.

Halloween Games For Adults

Of course, kids shouldn’t be having all the fun. Halloween games for adults ensure that the young-at-heart also have a rip-roaring good time.

Try eyeball pong, which is just like beer pong. You take turns bouncing eyeballs on the table into the cups. Once it lands in there, you get a prize. If you lose, you take a shot.

When you're an adult, you just need a little push to have fun. Everyone can be a ghost for Halloween. It's the easiest costume to make, ever.
Photo: Cottonbro Pexels

If you prefer a more calm, laid back version for your Hallows Day party, Halloween Bingo is a surefire hit. You can also opt for ghost sack races, pumpkin ring tosses, jack speed stacking game with orange cups, and orange balloon pumpkin fights.

Just like Christmas, Halloween is a time of the year where everyone of all ages can enjoy.

Have a Happy Halloween!