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What to Write in a New Baby Card

on January 06, 2021

Bringing a new life into this world is one of the happiest times in life. For parents, seeing the little miracle (or miracles) moving their little fingers and toes can be overwhelming. Life certainly changes when a new baby is born, and the words you write in your new baby card mean a great deal to the new parents.

When it comes to finding the right words, however, it’s not always easy. How do you congratulate them? Can you write something funny? What should you write in a new baby card so they know you’re there for support? Here at Clintons, we have compiled a list of messages that we hope will inspire you for baby girls cards, baby boy cards, and twins.

What to Write in a New Baby Girl Card?

Write an empowering message for baby girls
Photo: Ádám Szabó  Unsplash

When the proud parents are having a new baby girl, why not congratulate them by writing heartwarming or empowering messages like these? 

  1. She's here, and she is perfect! Well done on creating the best version of you two.
  2. It takes a strong woman to create one. Congratulations on the little miracle you made!
  3. She came in the rain and started a beautiful storm in your life. You're so lucky to have such a wonderful baby girl.
  4. She came to this world on a sunny day and brought more light to your lives. You're so lucky! Congratulations on your baby girl!
  5. [Name] is a new chapter in your life! And it's well known - girls write amazing stories. Congratulations!

Or you can opt for a bit of humour in your new baby message:

  1. One part of being parents to a sweet baby girl is to be there. The other half of your time is spent hiding from their tantrums.
  2. Every girl is a princess. Be ready for an attitude that could rival royals. 
  3. They say having a baby girl is like a roller-coaster ride. Believe me, it is, and you know what? You can't get off. Congratulations! 

Congratulations on Your Baby Boy - Message Ideas

Having a newborn is a rollercoaster ride of emotions for parents
Photo: Laura Garcia Pexels

Is a baby boy on the way? Take inspiration from our message ideas below:

  1. Congratulations on making the most perfect baby boy in the world!
  2. Welcome to the world little boy! You have the coolest parents. I can't wait to see your childhood adventures.
  3. The world needed a new heartbreaker. Congratulations guys, he is adorable. 
  4. Congratulations on your new baby boy! You are going to make the most beautiful memories of your life now. 
  5. Welcome to the world, you beautiful baby boy! I wish you only love and happiness.

Funny baby boy messages:

  1. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy! His birth is an excellent excuse for us to gather this weekend and party. 
  2. People say that boys can be a handful. Being parents to boys ourselves, we could say that it was a gross understatement.  
  3. Congratulations, (name) is a beautiful baby boy! I know he will turn into a smart man. See you at his graduation! 

Congratulations on Your Twins - Message Ideas

Having a baby isn't easy, and with twins, it's even harder. Here are some loving, supporting messages you can write in the card:

  1. Having twins simply means that there is more love to spread around. Enjoy the ride!
  2. There are two tiny versions of you two! This is the best possible scenario I could think of. Congrats and lots of love to you all. 
  3. We couldn't be more excited that you are going to be parents to twins. If anybody deserves all the happiness in the world, it's you both.
They don't call them double trouble for no reason


  1. Congratulations on the twins! I just want to say that sleep is overrated. 
  2.  Repeat after me: Doing the grocery is a vacation. Don't worry. It will make sense soon. 
  3. Congratulations on the twins, and good luck with the nappies!

We hope that with our list, we have inspired you to write a loving or funny message to welcome a new baby. If you are thinking of buying a card, don't fret, Clintons have a wide range of choices, ready for you to write your own personalised message.

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