What to Write in an Engagement Card?

on December 30, 2020

Announcing an engagement is a big step in any couple's love story.

In the modern day, engagement announcements come in many forms,with many taking to Facebook to share their happy news. Instead of simply leaving a congratulations comment on social media, take it one step further, and congratulate the love birds on their engagement with a greetings card. 

If you're not confident with words, don't worry. Here at Clintons, we're committed to helping you translate your thoughts into personalised messages that you can send to your loved ones.

Congratulations on Your Engagement: Message Ideas

Engagement message ideas
When you're friends share their love, support them with a message
Photo: Leah Kelley Pexels

The messages you share with close and friends and family will often be very different to those you would send a colleague or neighbour. 

Here are some message ideas perfect for family and colleagues alike, after they break the happy news:

  1. Congrats! This is an excellent step into your happily ever after. 
  2. Congratulations on the BIG news! I am so happy for both of you.
  3. Congratulations on your engagement! You both deserve a lifetime of love and happiness.

Heartwarming Messages to Write in Engagement Cards

Engagement Congratulations Messages from Parents

  1. Congratulations to the new couple. We look forward to welcoming ( name ) into our family.
  2. It warms our hearts that you are taking your relationship to another level. It takes a lot of love and understanding to have a happy marriage - we know it! Congratulations, Mum and Dad.  
  3. We’re so thrilled that you have found that special person in your life. Since the day you were born, we’ve just wanted you to be happy.

Engagement Congratulations Messages from Loved Ones

  1. We have witnessed how your relationship has blossomed. We are happy to have been part of that journey, and we are very glad that you continue to bring us along.
  2. From the moment you met each other, we always knew that you’d end up together forever. We can't say that we were surprised when you announced your engagement, but we are thrilled. We love you, and we will always be there for you.
  3. We always knew you were made for each other and this is terrific news. Congrats!

Funny Message Ideas For Engagement Cards

Funny engagement message
Write something funny for your engaged friends, they can take it
Photo: Jose Martinez  Unsplash

  1. It's not true that each person is unique, as the two of you are both weird. I guess I'm unlucky that both found me! Congratulations on your engagement.
  2. Congratulations on your engagement! It's rare for somebody to accept your annoying personality. I've tolerated you for years, now I’m handing you over to someone else.
  3. They say that love is blind. Well, marriage is a huge wakeup call. Congrats!

These are just some of the examples of what to write in an engagement card. You can copy them or draw inspiration, and add a personal touch to your message. For beautiful engagement cards, however, Clintons has you covered. Browse online now and find the perfect card for the newly engaged couple.