Why Handwritten Birthday Cards Will Never Go Out of Style

on April 13, 2021

In the world of Facebook and Pinterest, e-cards and digital birthday wishes have become the go-to for many. From uploading a story to updating your status, most of our birthday messages have become virtual and to an extent, detached.

Although it may be easier than ever to send a birthday greetings, nothing beats the thoughtfulness of a personalised, hand written card. The charm of a birthday card is everlasting.

Why Give Birthday Cards?

Opening a birthday card to find a heartwarming handwritten note is priceless; there are very few things that can beat this feeling. Moreover, along with the message, the beautiful design of a birthday card is sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face. 

After all, we all would prefer a tangible gift that we can keep with us over an impersonal virtual message.

At Clintons, we recognise the importance of a thoughtful birthday card and the warmth and happiness that it can bring, especially to your nearest and dearest. Whether it is a sentimental birthday card for your gran, a funny one for your best friend, or an elegant card for your mum, a card’s charm is always incomparable.

Handwritten Birthday Cards - A Thoughtful Gift

When it comes to the benefits of a greeting card, they are innumerable. Since a birthday celebration is a special occasion, a gift that enhances this special event will always be a great idea, especially for the person you’re celebrating. 

Why give birthday cards with a heartwarming message, you wonder?

Attaching a personal note for a birthday card is a more intimate way of showing your appreciation towards that person and is sure to elevate the card’s appeal.

Especially great for those who like personal gifts, a handwritten birthday card along with a carefully chosen birthday gift will always be well-received as it reflects how much thought you put behind the gift. 

Additionally, this personal birthday card will be appreciated by people from all age groups - from young children to older people, everyone loves a thoughtful handwritten card.

Moreover, while a gift may sometimes be easier to choose, a bespoke handwritten birthday message shows your true feelings and how deeply you care for them.

Tips for Writing The Perfect Birthday Message

When it comes to writing the perfect message, it may prove to be a bit challenging - finding something unique and memorable without sounding too clichéd is no easy task. After all, why give a generic birthday card?

The best birthday messages always come from the heart.

Personalising them will always help you create a more meaningful message; you can find inspiration almost anywhere.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you write a memorable birthday message -

1. Write About A Favourite Memory

Sharing a favourite joint memory is a great idea to consider for a birthday message. It may be something silly or simple but talking about it, although briefly, is sure to bring a smile to their face.

From a memorable school incident to a night out you shared, these memories are sure to make the recipient feel nostalgic and bring the two of you closer together. 

2. Mention Your Favourite Thing About Them

Every person has quirks or aspects of their personality that we love about them. By mentioning your favourite thing about them in a birthday message, the recipient is sure to feel special and appreciated.

Additionally, this also makes your message very personal and sentimental; the gesture is sure to be appreciated by the recipient.

3. End With Something Memorable

Whether it’s a sentimental quote or a funny joke, writing a memorable line at the end of the birthday message is the best way to finish your handwritten card. Depending on the person you’re giving the card to, you could personalise your message accordingly.

For example, if the card is for your best friend who loves jokes, ending the message with a pun or an inside joke is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

In the end, any message that comes from the heart will always make the recipient feel special and by writing a memorable note for their birthday card, you’re sure to make their day all the more memorable.

Find the Perfect Card at Clintons

From thoughtful birthday cards for your gran to funny cards for your best friend, at Clintons, we have them all. Browse through our vast range of bespoke cards to find the perfect birthday wish for your nearest and dearest.