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At Clintons we are very proud of our History and Heritage.
The business was family run & founded in 1968 by Don Lewin.

Our story

Clintons believes in enhancing relationships through the expression
of personal emotion and through the celebration of sincere

At Clintons we are very proud of our History and Heritage. The business was family run and founded in 1968 by Don Lewin. The first store opened in Epping, Essex. By 1988 the business had grown to 77 stores. In 1994 the company had further grown to 270 stores. In October 1994 Clinton Cards acquired 83 shops from Hallmark Cards and in September 1995 acquired 112 shops from Carlton Cards. A further 211 shops were bought in 1998.

397 stores were purchased in June 2012 by American Greetings based in the USA. A full rebrand was put in place including where Clintons replaced Clinton Cards to denote the fact that we are a destination for all of life’s special moments and occasions. The customer experience entails a fresh new range of cards, gifts, gift wrap and stationery items. A new logo was needed to re-energise and reinvigorate Clintons. A refurbishment of all the stores was also put into action. In December 2019 the company was purchased by Esquire Retail Limited who continue to proudly operate the business.

There are currently circa 238 stores all over the UK, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as a transactional website.

Our heritage

Founder of Clinton Cards 1968

Don Lewin OBE

Don Lewin was born in Bow in the East End of London, the son of Rose Kezia (Hood) and John T. Lewin. He grew up during the Blitz. After leaving school at the age of 15, he worked for a building firm, did two years of National Service, sold brushes from door to door and sold credit. At the age of 26, he got a job as a freelance salesman selling greeting cards to retailers. In 1968, he borrowed £500, opened a specialist greeting card shop in Epping, Essex, and created the company Clinton Cards, named after his son, Clinton. Today, Esquire Retail Ltd proudly follow on from his foundation, allowing sentiment to be shared with our families, friends, and loved ones at all our special times.