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Jiggles The Fiddly Twiddle Stick Moshling 5
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Jiggles The Fiddly Twiddle Stick Moshling 5" Soft Toy

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    Ask a Fiddly TwiddleStick its favourite game and it will bore you with tales of the good old days with basic blippity-blop video games were all the rage. Maybe that's why these sentimental Moshlings are always asking Monsters to grapple with their clunky joysticks and pummel their buttons for old times' sake. There are hundreds of Moshlings in the swooniverse and the moshtastic Moshling Collection allows you to get your hands on some of your favourite characters from the game and even includes Ultra Rare Moshings! For a really interactive bonus, check out the tags attached to each Moshling and find a unique code to unlock a digital version of the character in your online game at MoshiMonsters - no need for a seed combo! This is a monsterific way to unlock some of the craziest and rarest Moshlings in Monstro City, so you'll be the envy of the playground! Collect them all and keep a lookout for the gloopendous new character launches...

    Includes a unique secret code! Used to catch this Moshling online at Moshimonsters

    Carries an identifying tag with name and personality profile  - plus a special coin to show this moshling is Ultra Rare!

    Character number 100 in the Moshi Monsters swooniverse